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the benefits of cross cultural training

Cross cultural differences can and do impede upon communication and interpersonal relationships. In the business world this occurs daily, where people from different cultures interact and are expected to perform and make decisions. Cross cultural training aims to develop awareness between people where a common cultural framework does not exist in order to promote clear lines of communication and better relationships.

Cross cultural training has many benefits to be gained by both participants and businesses. For participants in cross cultural training, the 10 main benefits are that it helps....

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push for diversity

A prominent Boston law firm has hired 11 minority attorneys to staff an employment law practice in Washington, D.C., and it is planning to add more to work in Boston, New York, and Washington in a push to diversify its ranks and boost business.

The move, by Mintz Levin Cohn Ferris Glovsky & Popeo, reflects one of the largest efforts by a major US law firm to aggressively recruit more than a handful of minorities to the positions of partner or counsel at any one time. Officials at the firm said the new recruits mark the beginning of a major diversity effort.

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Bonuses in Japan fuels vacations

More Japanese plan to go on vacation this summer than last year thanks to higher bonuses, travel agents and analysts say, underscoring a virtuous cycle of improvements in business profits, personal incomes and consumption.

JTB Corp, Japan's biggest travel company, expects domestic travel during the peak holiday season that begins this weekend to rise 1.3 percent from last year. It expects overseas travel to rise by 0.4 percent.

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banker gets sensitivity training

Jeff Rubin, the famously voluble chief economist of CIBC World Markets, has been sent to sensitivity training after angering Canada's most prominent Islamic lobby group with language he used in a report on the oil market.

In April, he predicted that oil prices would double by 2010. Demand will outstrip supply because "this time around there won't be any tap that some appeased mullah or sheik can suddenly turn back on," he wrote.

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word of the day: beholden

beholden \bih-HOHL-duhn\, adjective:
Obliged; bound in gratitude; indebted.

Kate was quite fond of him and knew he was grateful to her for all the help and hospitality she and Oliver had given him during his period of gloom and puzzlement after his wife's defection, but she did not want him to feel beholden to her. --Mary Sheepshanks, Picking Up the Pieces

The likely new government, which draws only a negligible level of support from rural areas, will be much less beholden to the farming interests than any government in the past two decades. --"Reforming The EU Budget," Irish Times, October 8, 1998

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