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Irish public sector websites get lost in translation

As many as 58% of Irish public body websites are failing to provide information in the Irish language on their websites in accordance with the Official Languages Act, new research reveals.

The final provisions of the Official Languages Act come into effect today, 14 July, on the third anniversary of its signing into law by the President.

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Cultural ignorance the biggest barrier to outsourcing success

Miscommunication and a lack of cross-cultural understanding are the main barriers organisations face when it comes to global sourcing and outsourcing, according to a new U.S study.

The poll by Accenture of 200 U.S. business executives also found they believed adopting cross-cultural communication training programs could increase productivity by an average of 26 per cent.

The companies polled had all recently outsourced business processes or functions ranging from information technology to finance and accounting. This finding, said Accenture, was consistent with the productivity increases of 30 per cent reported by executives whose companies already provide training in this area.

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word of the day: arrant

arrant \AR-unt\, adjective:
Thoroughgoing; downright; out-and-out; confirmed; extreme; notorious.

More deplorable is his arrant and compulsive hypocrisy . . . Under all the chest hair, he was a hollow man. -- J. D. McClatchy, review of Crux: The Letters of James Dickey, New York Times, December 19, 1999

I think a pilot would be a most arrant coward, if through fear of bad weather he did not wait for the storm to break but sank his ship on purpose. -- Georges Minois, History Of Suicide translated by Lydia Cochrane

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