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cross cultural website for offshore call centre staff

Working from a laptop in his one-bedroom apartment, an American entrepreneur has created a cross-cultural website created especially for non-resident Indians and offshore call center personnel. (Understand the Culture and Enhance Your Success!) is designed to provide information about American culture, with the specific purpose of easing the transition to American life for those who are moving to the United States. It is also designed to provide information to call center personnel who speak with Americans on a daily basis as part of their job responsibilities.

Mark Nash, an amateur webmaster, said he got the idea from conversations with his NRI coworkers at the telecom company where he was employed. "I began an ongoing conversation with several of my NRI coworkers about their experiences working and living in the U.S.," Nash said. "As we kept talking about the first years of their adjustment to this country, it became apparent that a website like this could be helpful to others who were making that transition."

Several of Nash's friends related stories of the difficulties and misunderstandings they had experienced upon first moving to the States. "What interested me most -- and where I thought I could offer some useful information -- related specifically to cross-cultural types of issues. Moving from an Asian culture to a Western culture can be a big challenge, and there did not seem to be a lot of information in that area.

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surrey police failng to keep ethnic minorities

Surrey Police is missing its own targets on recruitment and retention of officers and staff from ethnic minorities.

Figures analysing Surrey’s performance show that the proportion of officers being recruited from visible ethnic minorities is less than one third of the percentage of ethnic minorities in the county’s working population.

The resignation rate among officers from ethnic minorities is three times higher than that of white officers. Of the 159 new recruits who joined the force last year, only two were from a visible ethnic minority, representing 1.3 per cent of all new recruits.

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10 reasons to learn a foreign language

Bonjour! Que tal? Gesundheit! Bobby Charlton, David Beckham! There's nothing quite like communicating in a foreign language, is there? What else could possibly compete with its splendid combination of good manners, cultural outreach, showing off, and opportunities for expansive hand gestures, facial expressions and shoulder movement?

And yet, as yet more figures show, the sad decline in language learning in this country continues. In vain do the cultured and the polyglot, the educationalists and the, what's the word, ah, yes, entrepreneurs, point out the above advantages and more: the message is not getting through, even though it's in English.

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word of the day: capacious

capacious (kuh-PAY-shuhs), adj.: Having capacity; able to contain much; large; roomy; spacious; extended; broad; as, a capacious vessel, room, bay, or harbor.

"In the capacious recesses of his mind." --Bancroft.

"The capacious soul of Shakespeare." --Hazlitt

"A pair of capacious shoes." --Dickens

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