Thursday, June 15, 2006

japan to build rival to google and Yahoo!

Major Japanese companies plan to develop technology for a advanced search engine to hit art the market dominance of Yahoo!, Google and Microsoft.

About 30 major companies, such as Hitachi, Ltd. and Fujitsu Ltd., announced their intention to set up a research institute, with support from the government, to develop and have a new search engine in practical use within two years, the Mainichi Shimbun reported Wednesday.

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Why are interpretations as important as standards themselves?

Interpreting can be a highly complex art. If got wrong, as US president Jimmy Carter discovered in 1977 when he made a speech in Poland telling the country he ‘desired the Poles carnally’, the potential for offence, or worse still catastrophe, is exceptionally high.

History provides us with myriad other examples of misunderstanding. But when it comes to matters of state and business, translation should be left to the experts. With this in mind, the International Accounting Standards Board created IFRIC, the International Financial Reporting Interpretations Committee, as the sole body that would ‘interpret’ the accounting standards produced by the board.

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Europeans miss out on mobility experience

In an exclusive interview with EurActiv, Employment and Social Affairs Commissioner Vladimír Špidla highlights the challenges and opportunities of working in a different country in the EU.

The Commissioner sees the lack of mobility as a great missed opportunity: "What we would like to do through mobility is to encourage European workers to engage in mobility experiences at certain moments in their careers. Overwhelmingly, European workers who are questioned on these experiences indicate that the latter are extremely valuable in the planning of their career and the management of their daily lives."

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Zi Launches New Advanced Chinese Text Messaging Input System

Zi Corporation, a leading provider of intelligent interface solutions, today announced the launch its most advanced predictive text solution for China to date - with complete phrase-level input for phonetic and stroke modes, new levels of error toleration and with Cangjie input for mobile device users in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

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the repatriation riddle

Finding the key to successful repatriation of globally mobile employees is clearly the way to competitive advantage for internationally operating firms. However, the solution remains elusive, at least if we look at the results of international research by leading experts which shows repatriate turnover to be from 20 to 50 percent higher than turnover for domestic employees.

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keeping dogs in czech

It may seem barking mad, but police in South Yorkshire are having to learn foreign languages to be able to speak to their dogs.

Dog handlers at South Yorkshire Police's Niagara Training Centre in Hillsborough were having trouble getting through to their new puppy recruits. The year-old dogs, mainly Alsatians, have been brought from places as far flung as the Czech Republic and Holland because of a shortage of local hounds.

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senior execs lack leadership skills

UK business will struggle as long as leaders have limited communication skills, according to research.

Almost 80% of the 1,400 senior executives questioned by the Ken Blanchard Group Companies consultancy said that not providing adequate feedback, praise or constructive criticism, was the top leadership mistake.

About 80% said leaders who did not listen to them were the worst, followed closely by leaders who fail to set clear goals or objectives. Three-quarters (76%) of respondents also cited inappropriate leadership styles as a significant error. Failing to train and develop employees was the fifth most common complaint, with 59% of respondents highlighting this issue. Inappropriate use of communication (41%), inadequate supervision (27%) and a lack of management skills (14%) were also cited as mistakes.

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word of the day: juxtaposition

juxtaposition \juhk-stuh-puh-ZISH-uhn\, noun:
The act or an instance of placing in nearness or side by side.

I had sent from Egypt two Coptic sculptures from the fifth and sixth centuries and placed them in juxtaposition with a contemporary stone mask from Zimbabwe, with striking effect. -- Boutros Boutros-Ghali, Unvanquished: A U.S.-U.N. Saga

This aesthetically pleasing juxtaposition of contradictions is one of the hallmarks of poetry. -- Ann Marlowe, "Hyphenated Life", New York Times, October 15, 2000

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Cultural sensitivity, Guantánamo Bay style

Is there any chance, before they tip us further into global conflict, that the US military will ever learn? For months lawyers for the prisoners have tried to impress on the military the dire consequences of prisoner suicides in Guantánamo Bay on western relations with Muslims around the world. Yet now the US authorities are compounding the crisis. The military, which accused the desperate prisoners who committed suicide of doing it as a PR stunt, now claims they are being "culturally sensitive" in their response. /p>

Does being "sensitive" mean performing autopsies on the bodies, a desecration that will be regarded as desecration by Muslims all over the world? "Culturally, it is considered offensive to perform an autopsy on a Muslim. There is a prophetic saying that you should treat the dead body as you would treat it in life, and that it must be returned to God as given," said Dr Adnan Siddiqui in a report issued by Reprieve two months ago.

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cross cultural confliict a hurdle for foreign companies in china

Cultural conflict, a slow reaction to changes in local markets, and a shortage of capital top the list of challenges that Chinese firms face abroad, according to a survey of 150 firms conducted by the World Bank Group.

China's growing outbound investment is the subject of widespread attention, but Chinese companies wanting to invest abroad face issues rooted in policies adopted by domestic and overseas authorities.

Other daunting business challenges involve strategy, financing, brand development, information management and human resources, the group said.

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do you speak socceranto?

The 32 countries competing in the World Cup share 18 official languages between them--not including the local dialects many participants actually speak. So, how are officials, players and managers meant to communicate? The answer is to adopt a shared international language. So argue the inventors of just such a language in a book published on Lulu (, a website that lets anyone publish their own book.

"Socceranto: Birth Of A Language" ( is part dictionary and part phrasebook. It is the work of an international team of fans led by an Argentinian-American student and an English schoolboy. "Things are all very well when Ecuador plays Costa Rica or Ghana meets the USA," says Ted Freedman, 16, the book's co-editor. "But what about when Japan plays Brazil or Ukraine meets Saudi Arabia?"

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web to help language learning

The world is a shrinking place, much like a pair of green and blue jeans that have been left in the washing machine.

A large part of this shrinkage comes not from cold water or indeed from cold weather, but rather from that latest tool for communication and the exchange of ideas. Goodbye carrier pigeon and morse code; hello, the world wide web! And in a bid to make the best use of this new medium, another important means for removing barriers – language learning – is set to make full use of the opportunities this entails.

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when in rome....teach english

Do you know your past perfect from your present continuous? Can you pick out a zero conditional from a catalogue of first, second and third conditionals? If yes, then the chances are you’re among the hundreds, if not thousands, of English speakers who spend their days in Rome teaching English as a foreign language. With a degree from a British or American university or a teaching qualification such as TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language), teaching English is probably the easiest way for mother-tongue speakers to find work in Rome.

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transworldnews goes korean

TransWorldNews, Inc. has announced it has begun uploading changes to translate the site into Korean.

To further enhance news distribution, profiles, newsletters, analyst reports, and audio interviews, TransWorldNews offers companies and individuals the opportunity to translate their submissions. By translating this information, companies and individuals can establish a more direct and effective impact on their readers.

In addition to the translation into Korean, TransWorldNews, Inc. has made plans to translate the site into German.

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telecom italia to expand into german internet market

Telecom Italia SpA is considering making acquisitions in Germany to expand its internet operations here, Handelsblatt newspaper reported, citing chief executive Riccardo Ruggiero.

'Our goal is to remain and expand in Germany,' Ruggiero told the paper. 'We are closely examining all opportunities which the market has to offer, those which have a business model similar to ours, and those which have a good customer base,' he said.

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google chief predicts india to be largest internet market

Google's chief executive Eric Schmidt has predicted that India will become the world's biggest Internet market in "about five to ten years from now, based on current trends."

And what's more, Schmidt's other futurist view is that Hindi, not Hispanic, could become one of the world's three Internet languages, in conjunction with English and Chinese.

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word of the day: choleric

choleric \KOL-uh-rik; kuh-LAIR-ik\, adjective:
1. Easily irritated; inclined to anger; bad-tempered.
2. Angry; indicating or expressing anger; excited by anger.

At his trial, Ferrars argued that he had always been of such choleric disposition that, at times when his blood was up, he knew not right from wrong. -- Theodore Dalrymple, "Rages of the Age: On 'road rage,' 'air rage,' 'rink rage' . . .", National Review, February 11, 2002

But the records of his service show that Jacobsz was also choleric, quick-tempered, and sensitive to any slight; that he sometimes drank to excess. -- Mike Dash, Batavia's Graveyard

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