Friday, June 10, 2005

First cross-cultural hairdressing event gets official launch

Strictly Business! 2005 will be the first cross-cultural trade exposition in Europe dedicated to exposing sound business principles and innovation to the Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) hair and beauty sector, in order to improve the business success rates and sustainability of the sector.

Organised by Salon Strategies, the capacity building programme from the London Development Agency, Strictly Business! 2005 will be an all-day extravaganza consisting of a series of informative workshops, lively discussion groups, online interaction and fascinating business case studies, designed to explore the 'business of beauty'. It will take place on Sunday 26 June at the luxurious and multicultural surroundings of the Royal Commonwealth Club, London, and will be attended by 200 leading BME hairdressers, salon managers, beauticians, aestheticians, colour technicians, manufacturers, buyers, agents and distributors.

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Ethnic minorities under represented in advertising jobs

Advertising companies have been urged to adapt their recruitment methods to embrace diversity, after a report revealed that ethnic minorities are not considering a career in the sector.

The report by the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising, carried out by COI, the government’s marketing vehicle, acknowledged that the industry was “recognising the business case for diversity�? but should aim to increase the 8.5% proportion of employees from ethnic minorities currently working in media.

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expat guide to turkey

Expat Focus have formulated an interesting guide on Turkey for expats moving there. The guide offers useful information covering a number of key areas including banking, insurance, employment and schooling.

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New Multi-Language Car Rental Software Platform

Rent Centric, Inc., a leading provider of vehicle rental management systems worldwide, again demonstrated the efficiency of its developed architecture, by implementing user-controlled language selections in record time.

“What we have done here is not to take the easy road of simply translating our systems into different languages and then offer them as separate versions. We looked deep into the business problem and recognized we need to provide solutions for car rental companies that are operating completely in other regions of the world but also to accommodate international organizations, where different members need to operate with different user defined preferences, including language selection.�?, said Michael Youssef, President of Rent Centric, Inc.

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teaching foreign language is best paid p/t job

Being adept at a foreign language seems the easiest way for Koreans to make quick money at a part-time job because learning English has long been popular among locals hoping to lift their employment prospects.

According to, a part-time job listing site, the highest-paid part-time jobs are indeed in foreign language teaching. By contrast, clerking at convenience stores or fast food chains pays less than half what the teachers get.

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tapping the spanish market

iSpeak ( has announced the launch of its turnkey Spanish ecommerce package. This is the first Spanish ecommerce solution that enables clients to seamlessly transact with and win business from the world s Spanish-speaking markets.

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dot coms making a comeback?

Remember What about Do or ring any bells?, perhaps? The casualties of the dotcom bust have long closed or changed hands since the heady days of the late 1990s turned to the crash of the new millennium. But of the internet firms that survived the demise of the “new business paradigm�?, many are now enjoying soaring market values as investors regard online enterprises with renewed confidence. And new firms are coming to market too, amid no small amount of excitement: for instance, PartyGaming, a gambling website, is working on an initial public offering (IPO) that values the firm at about $10 billion. Is this a new fit of over-exuberance?

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word of the day: ingenuous

ingenuous \in-JEN-yoo-uhs\, adjective:
1. Demonstrating childlike simplicity; innocent; naive.
2. Free from reserve, restraint, or guile; open; frank.
3. [Obsolete] Noble; honorable.

It's a bit ingenuous to offer information to a reporter with a notebook in her hand and then expect not to be quoted. --Sadie Mah, "Quoting an interviewee," Jakarta Post, September 17, 1999

Not like World War I, where soldiers and their sweethearts courted to the strains of "Lili Marlene," and the prevailing sense of doom was misted over with ingenuous devotion to both girl and country. --Jayne Blanchard, "War romance passionate in 'Wedding,' " Washington Time, August 13, 2004

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