Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Experts help companies bridge the culture gap

With several employees on the way from India, Ottawa's Tundra Semiconductor knew it needed to know more about the culture, work ethics and habits of its new employees.

Tundra, a communications gear supplier, turned to Graybridge Malkam, an Ottawa-based firm that specializes in cultural diversity training. Graybridge Malkam sent Laraine Kaminsky, an executive vice-president with the firm, to India to prepare the Indian high-tech engineers for their jobs in Canada and gain insights that could help the Tundra employees already on the ground.

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SMEs failing in diversity

SMEs are failing to address ethnic diversity in the workplace, according to new research.

More than three quarters of SMEs have a workforce which includes less than ten per cent of people from a black or minority ethnic (BME) background. The report also revealed that 90 per cent of workers admit that less than one in ten among their management staff were BME. A total of 35 per cent admitted to having no BME managers at all.

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Foreign language speaking population hits 4.87m in Beijing

The population speaking foreign languages in Beijing has reached 4.87 million by the end of 2006, according to the source from the regular press conference of the Beijing Olympic Games organizers (BOCOG) on Wednesday.

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Croats upset over EU language proposal

Many Croats are seething about an European Union parliament member's suggestion that EU institutions should use a single Serbo-Croatian language for residents of the West Balkans, rather than translating everything into four different languages.

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Word of the Day: putsch

putsch \PUCH ('u' as in 'push')\, noun:
(Sometimes capitalized) A secretly planned and suddenly executed attempt to overthrow a government.

Hitler operated from Munich where he enjoyed a fair degree of support, and it was here that his Putsch took place in an effort to seize power in Bavaria. -- Alan Jefferson, Elisabeth Schwarzkopf

President Bush, underwriter of the island's nascent democracy, swiftly announced that the coup would not stand, then just as quickly receded into embarrassed silence when informed by his staff that his own crew in Port-au-Prince not only had foreknowledge of the putsch but had allowed it to advance without a word. -- Bob Shacochis, The Immaculate Invasion

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

"Bloody foreigners" remark lands magistrate in diversity course

A magistrate reprimanded for complaining in court about `bloody foreigners' has been sent on a course to appreciate other cultures. Alan Mitchell has agreed to complete the `diversity training' course before he returns to the bench.

The Department for Constitutional Affairs said a reprimand was a fair punishment and that Mr Mitchell would be allowed to return to the bench. He has not been sitting as a magistrate since his comments were made public in the M.E.N. last month.

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Diversity: Key to Competitive Advantage for Today’s Global Economy

No longer simply an issue of compliance, diversity has moved beyond inclusion and evolved into a catalyst for strategic business growth. Companies that embrace diversity as a differentiator and way to penetrate new markets stand poised to overtake competitors in terms of growth, profit and market share.

The importance of workplace, leadership and supplier/channel partner diversity in achieving competitive advantage and driving business growth is the focus of the 2007 Diversity and Business Growth Summit: Moving Beyond Inclusion, organized by Grow Fast Grow Right Enterprises, LLC, an education and training company for business executives and leaders of growing companies.

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Categories: Cultural Diversity to revolutionize the expat job search

English speaking professionals seeking jobs in Sweden have a new source of job leads. is the first website in Sweden solely dedicated to listing professional jobs for English speakers. English speakers and multilinguals can find fresh job listings daily in addition to information for making the transition into Sweden smooth, and links to other websites of interest to expatriates.

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HR managers grapple with expat pay scales

Increased mobility in the work environment and expats coming in hordes to India, has added to the challenge HR managers have at hand. Things have got compounded with Indian executives who are returning home. The trend is forcing HR managers to figure out how best to design the salary packages while trying to bring in some equity.

There are various parameters to factor in and that makes the task complicated for the HR heads. For instance, how best can expats be compensated vis-à-vis a local who would be hired for the same position.

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In many business schools, the bottom line is in English

When economics students returned this winter to the elite École Normale Supérieure here, a simple one-page petition was posted along the corridors demanding an unlikely privilege: French as a teaching language.

"We understand that economics is a discipline, like most scientific fields, where the research is published in English," the petition read, in apologetic tones. But it declared that it is "unacceptable" for a native French professor to teach standard courses to French-speaking students in the adopted tongue of English.

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Clothing trademark case sets foreign language precedent

Clothing companies cannot assume a high level of linguistic knowledge amongst their consumers when assessing claims that they may confuse different uses of the same foreign word in rival brands, a European Court of Justice (ECJ) advocate general is suggesting.

In a case between Italian clothing manufacturer Ponte Finanziaria and compatriots FMG Textiles, ECJ advocate general Eleanor Sharpston has had to rule on whether Ponte's range of 'Bridge' marks could be confused with FMG's Bainbridge mark.

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Applying new thinking to language learning

Lord Dearing’s Languages Review has highlighted the need for new thinking over the options for languages available to students within the new specialised Diplomas. He has stressed the need to develop suitable, contextually relevant courses which can be offered in Additional and Specialised learning.

One London FE College provides a good example of this new thinking on applied languages. Last September the College of North East London (CONEL) introduced an applied language element into three of their vocational areas: for nine groups in Business, one group in Science and one in Humanities. This move resulted in an additional 200 new language learners at the College.

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YoFast Releases Pre-Search Software Translation

Just when you thought the search war was over someone figures out a way to further speed up the information retrieval process. By combining its proprietary relay technology with over 40,000 common words and phrases, YoFast, a fledgling software company in Olympia, Washington has succeeded in making it easier for users to search an extensive range of subjects with its pre-search software.

Cynthia Mann, founder of C Mann Research has spent most of her waking moments the last year developing and self-funding some very novel, dynamic and effective search and translation gadgets.

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Cell Phone Company Offers 17 Language Translation Services

SK Telecom, Korea’s biggest mobile operator, will introduce a service by which 17 languages will be translatable into Korean and vice versa through just a quick call from a cell phone.

The Seoul-based SK Telecom yesterday said that it had launched the service free of charge in collaboration with the Korea BBB (Before Babel Brigade) Association.

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Google gets slap for using Chinese rival's Translation data

Google Inc. (GOOG) apologized Monday to a Chinese rival that complained its data were used by the U.S. search giant in a new Internet tool in an incident that highlighted the intense competition in China's booming online market. Inc. complained Sunday that Google's tool for inputting Chinese characters appeared to copy material from Sohu's Sogou search engine. Chinese Web surfers pointed out similarities shortly after the release of the Google tool.

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Word of the Day: rivulet

rivulet \RIV-yuh-lut\, noun:
A small stream or brook; a streamlet.

But Stephen speaks of water in the desert, and triumphal swelling progress: raindrop, runnel, rivulet, river, sea. -- Blake Morrison, As If

There was a rivulet of scummy water heading for his highly polished black shoe. -- Joanne Harris, Chocolat

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