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The best markets for expat entrepreneurs

So opening that local coffee shop or taking over the family business just won't cut it? You're craving adventure and eye-popping growth?

Sure, there is plenty of action in India and China, where big boys like Microsoft, Citigroup and Intel have made deep inroads. But for entrepreneurs with vision, patience, an appetite for risk and command of a second language (or two), there are plenty of opportunities in even more exotic locales.

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Overseas Trade is the ticket to Success

Foreign markets are like children's shoes: They offer plenty of room to grow. According to the Office of the United States Trade Representative, 95 percent of the world's consumers reside outside the United States. Some of those people have holes in their lives the exact size and shape of your product.

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8/10 Businesses suffer due to Translation Errors

"Eight out of ten international businesses are suffering because of translation errors, causing lost revenue, delayed product launches or even fines for non-compliance."

SDL International, a leading provider of translation and localization solutions as well as a global language service provider, has conducted a survey of global businesses. According to the press release, 80% of respondents claimed that product launches had to be delayed due to translation errors. 7% even reported receiving fines for non-compliance because they failed to translate material accurately.

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Word of the Day: tenet

tenet \TEN-it\, noun:
Any opinion, principle, dogma, belief, or doctrine that a person holds or maintains as true.

. . .the tenet that all men are created equal and seen as such by the eyes of God. -- Kaye Gibbons, On the Occasion of My Last Afternoon

This kind of tolerance and receptivity is itself a cardinal tenet of Enlightenment thought. -- Gary B. Nash, History on Trial

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