Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Global Adjustments pioneers cross-cultural education with

Global Adjustments, pioneers in Cross-Cultural education and India Destination Services, announced the launch of India's first web-based cross-cultural educational portal, designed specifically for professionals seeking to function effectively in a global environment. Thiru Dayanidhi Maran, Union Minister for Communications and Information Technology formally launched the e-learning portal with Mr David T Hopper, US Consul General and Mr. Lakshmi Narayanan, Vice Chairman, Cognizant Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd at a function in Chennai.

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Why are employers missing the mark when it comes to diversity?

Employers are failing to understand the genuine business benefits of diversity, with ‘old school’ attitudes still outweighing genuine understanding of the issues.

That’s the verdict of a study from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) which suggests many businesses are missing out on the benefits that good practice could deliver. The report - Diversity in Business - claims that many employers focus on legal requirements without understanding the broader benefits of issues such as creativity and innovation.

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China plans more cultural centers

China plans to open 60 new language and cultural centers abroad to help meet "surging demand" for thousands of Chinese language teachers each year, the official Xinhua News Agency said Tuesday.

The additional Confucius Institutes will join the more than 40 that have opened in nearly two dozen countries since the first was established in Seoul, South Korea, in late 2004.

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Taiwan rejects Mandarin as national language

Taiwan took another step towards proclaiming its sovereignty Tuesday by announcing that the government will stop referring to Mandarin Chinese as Taiwan's national language.

Under the revised Language Development Bill, Taiwan will stop defining Mandarin Chinese, the lingua franca of China, as the 'national language.'

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Multilingual Content Management to be Spotlighted at 2007 AIIM Conference

The AIIM Conference & Expo, the enterprise content and information management event, and GALA, a highly regarded international association for the translation, internationalization and localization industry, today unveiled the Language Technology and Services Pavilion at the 2007 AIIM Conference & Expo. The pavilion, which will showcase GALA member companies, will focus on the hot topic of multilingual content management.

The AIIM Conference & Expo will be held at the Boston Convention & Exposition Center from April 16-19, 2007. Suppliers and end users attend the conference and expo each year to find the tools and technologies for capturing, managing, storing, distributing, and managing documents and data.

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Film Subtitles Lost in Translation

Efforts by overseas film distributors to cut costs by outsourcing subtitle translations to such countries as India and Malaysia have resulted in creating dialog that makes little sense to local audiences, according to today's (Monday) London Times.

The newspaper observed that translators with little understanding of the nuances of English are taking the place of British subtitlers, many with long careers in the business. Kenn Nakata Steffenson, who translates English films into Danish and Japanese films into English, cited one film in which the line "Jim is a Vietnam vet" became "Jim is veterinarian from Vietnam" in the farmed-out Danish subtitles.

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Word of the Day: empyrean

empyrean \em-py-REE-uhn; -PEER-ee-\, noun:
1. The highest heaven, in ancient belief usually thought to be a realm of pure fire or light.
2. Heaven; paradise.
3. The heavens; the sky.
1. Of or pertaining to the empyrean of ancient belief.

She might have been an angel arguing a point in the empyrean if she hadn't been, so completely, a woman. -- Edith Wharton, "The Long Run", The Atlantic, Feburary 1912

In the poem -- one he had the good sense finally to abandon -- he pictured himself as a blind moth raised among butterflies, which for a brief moment had found itself rising upward into the empyrean to behold "Great horizons and systems and shores all along," only to find its wings crumpling and itself falling -- like Icarus -- back to earth. -- Paul Mariani, The Broken Tower: A Life of Hart Crane

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Monday, March 19, 2007

Cross-Cultural Competency Redefined

We live in a world of contradiction: cultural distance is felt less and differences more. Intercultural skill and understanding has become a must-have. Many speak of diversity and multiculturalism, of interethnic reconciliation appreciation, but there is much confusion about what cross-cultural competence is, how one gets it, and how to apply it.

Enter Dr. Gregory Meyjes, founder of Solidaris Intercultural Services LLC, an intercultural & international firm based in Falls Church, Virginia. It is specialized in interculturalism “from the ground up�? focusing particularly on the inclusion of minorities of language, religion, & race. “We are internationally informed and yet locally trusted, offering truly intercultural win/win solutions that change society for the better,�? says Meyjes. Based on his extensive research on cultural attitudes and policies, Solidaris offers a new model for cultural understanding of value to Government and other organizations alike.

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Canada: "Moving diversity forward"

The Canadian Minister of Immigration and Cultural Communities, Lise Thériault, today announced the Quebec Liberal Party's policy statement for cultural communities and immigration under the theme "Moving diversity forward". The statement is in continuity with the results provided by our government in terms of immigration and integration.

"During the past four years, we have increased the access to regulate occupation, employment, recognition of diplomas and competencies, financing of community groups and intercultural relations and the increase of funding and accessibility to learn the French language. Today, we are proposing concrete measures that will enable us to continue together for a successful Quebec." said Lise Thériault.

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Hilton speaking the Global Language

Hilton Hotels Corp. has translated its main Web portal, available in English, Japanese and German, has been translated into Spanish, a French version is coming online soon.

"The explosive and global growth of the Hilton brand has led us to rethink the way we use the internet to connect with our guests," said Jeff Diskin, senior vice president, brand marketing and management.

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Word of the Day: adage

adage \AD-ij\, noun:
An old saying, which has obtained credit by long use; a proverb.

Did she sense the proverbial limp in my walk: proverbial as the Somali adage in which it is said that a lie has a lame leg, truth a healthy one. -- Nuruddin Farah, Secrets

We may find out too late the wisdom of the adage that cautions us to be careful what we wish for lest we get it. -- Charles Murray, What It Means to Be a Libertarian

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