Friday, March 18, 2005

iran to boost tourism industry

Iran will invest US$ 30 billion in its tourism infrastructure over a five-year period as part of its 'master plan' efforts to have a 20-percent share of world tourism by 2024, Iranian Vice-President and Head of Iran's Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization, Hossein Marashi, said in Berlin.

Speaking at a news conference at this year's ITB tourism exhibit, Marashi said, "For the first five years of the plan which will go into effect in 2007, we will invest 30 billion dollars in our tourism sector." "The goal of our master plan is to host annually 20 million foreign tourists by 2024," the Iranian Vice-President said.

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maltese favour strict anti-immigration rules

Among the 10 new member states of the European Union, Malta is the country with the highest number of people favouring harsher anti-immigration rules.

This emerges from an EU-wide perceptions survey conducted to gauge citizens' preferences with regard to a multi- cultural society.

According to the report 39.7 per cent of the Maltese favour the repatriation of legal migrants. They are followed by the Latvians, with 30.3 per cent of the population being in favour. The survey, included in a report by the European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia, examined the attitudes towards minorities, asylum seekers and immigrants, as expressed across Europe in 2003.

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india - cross cultural training

Does a 'yes' by a java developer writing code in Bangalore, in reply to a query on the code status by a manager in Bay Area translate to "Yes, the code will be ready by the evening of July 25, 2005 or "Yes, I hear your requirements."

Such and similar communication concerns are being addressed in Inter Cultural Training sessions on India by companies doing cross-cultural training on India. One of the modules in the course titled "Working With India" discusses topics such as 'Issue of Hierarchy: The Multiple Meanings' of 'yes' in India by Meridian Resources, an Inter-cultural training company based in San Francisco Bay Area.

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Irish language finds new life

In Ireland, the Irish language is viewed by some affluent citizens as a peasant language that should be allowed to fade into oblivion.

But at the University of Notre Dame, where students pay nearly $40,000 a year to attend, the little-used language is enjoying a renaissance.

"There are a lot of kids here who are the grandchildren of the very successful and the very rich, and their grandparents were taught to forget about their Irish past," said Eamonn O Ciardha, program director at Notre Dame's Keough Institute for Irish Studies. "They want to know about their language, they want to know about their history, they want to know about their culture."

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Big search engines eye russian market

According to Yandex Arkadi Volozh, director of Russia's biggest search engine, Google, Yahoo! and MSN are all eyeing the Russian internet market with a view to getting in on some of the action.

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word of the day: pecuniary

pecuniary \pih-KYOO-nee-air-ee\, adjective:
1. Relating to money; monetary.
2. Consisting of money.
3. Requiring payment of money.

"He lacked the finer element of conscience which looks upon Art as a sacred calling," she remembered, and because of "pecuniary necessities" he "scattered his forces in many different and unworthy directions." --James F. O'Gorman, Accomplished in All Departments of Art

The young man of the house was absorbed in his vegetable garden and the possibilities for pecuniary profit that it held. --Samuel Chamberlain, Clementine in the Kitchen

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