Friday, March 16, 2007

New Chinese Language Website Marks Ten Years Of Lloyd Instruments

Lloyd Instruments celebrates 10 years of being part of AMETEK Inc. with the launch of a new Chinese-language web site. The new site, which follows the format of the English language site has been produced in ‘Simplified Chinese’ and can be found at: AMETEK is a New York Stock Exchange-listed company and a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electric motors with annual sales of $1.8 billion.

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Word of the Day: appurtenance

appurtenance \uh-PUR-tn-un(t)s\, noun:
1. An adjunct; an accessory; something added to another, more important thing.
2. [Plural]. Accessory objects; gear; apparatus.
3. [Law]. An incidental right attached to a principal property right for purposes such as passage of title, conveyance, or inheritance.

The inauguration of presidents, the coronation of monarchs, the celebration of national holidays--these events require everywhere the presence of the soldier as a "ceremonial appurtenance." -- Barbara Ehrenreich, Blood Rites

She began by demolishing an 18th-century Paris mansion whose wainscoting, paneling and other appurtenances she admired, instructing an architect to design a house for her that would incorporate these elements. -- Angeline Goreau, "A Spectacular Mess of a Marriage", New York Times, August 31, 1997

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