Friday, March 11, 2005

intercultural negotiation - new cross cultural quiz

A new quiz has been added to the Kwintessential site testing business personnel on their negotiation skills and intercultural awareness. The 10 questions pose simple scenarios and ask the user through multiple choice to explain the reasons behind behaviours.

Test your Intercultural Negotiation skills

Cultural Diversity in the Workplace

The European Commission is inviting contributions from companies, and in particular small and medium sized enterprises, operating within the EU to take part in a project to help employers develop effective diversity policies.

The project, funded through the European Commission's 'Community Action Programme to combat discrimination', aims to help businesses and employers develop effective diversity policies and will result in a compendium of good corporate practices including an analytical framework and a series of selected case studies.

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Multinationals managing pay on global basis

Many multinational organisations now manage their employee pay programmes on a global basis, according to a survey by Mercer Human Resource Consulting.

The research reveals that 85% of respondents have a global pay strategy in place. About half of these have had the strategy in place for less than four years, while the remainder (43%) moved to a global approach more than four years ago. Of the 15% of firms that do not have a global pay strategy, all say they intend to introduce one within the next three years.

Mercer's survey includes responses from nearly 90 firms based primarily in Europe and the US. Three-quarters of the respondents have annual revenues of $1bn (£520m) or more, and all are multinational.

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should our children be learning chinese?

The Independent's Caroline Haydon asks a very interesting question is yesterday's edition - why are our children still learning French, German and Spanish when they should be learning Chinese?

The question stems from the continuing high profile China is getting as the world's next big industrial powerhouse. If UK exports to the country are to quadruple, as Chancellor Gordon Brown suggests, can we do this without the necessary language skills?

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Internet becoming first port of call for consumers

It is a trend that is set to keep increasing. More and more consumers now use the internet as their first port of call when researching products or services rather than the traditional methods of the high street or telephone.

In the latest research to highlight the trend, the AA has found that 3 out of every 4 people use the internet to research car and home insurance. The attraction is both the ease and financial incentives. About 40% of buyers now do so through the internet and on average get between a 10-15% discount for doing so.

The domestic trend points to the a forthcoming international trend and it is now the time for companies wanting a global consumer base to invest in website translations and website localizations to tap markets such as Russia, China and Korea.

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word of the day: coquette

coquette \koh-KET\, noun:
A woman who habitually trifles with the affections of men; a flirt.

Their love is frustrated when the orphaned Bertha is adopted by "the old lady of the near castle" and becomes "somewhat of a coquette in manner," perversely entertaining suitors but accepting none. --Lawrence Venuti, "The Awful Crime of I. U. Tarchetti: Plagiarism as Propaganda," New York Times, August 23, 1992

She was an energetic woman, always singing, dancing, a coquette. Her flirtatiousness infuriated my father. --William Herrick, Jumping the Line

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