Thursday, March 10, 2005

diversity works for london

A £9.8 million campaign aimed at getting businesses to boost the diversity of its workforces was launched today.

Diversity Works for London, spearheaded by civil rights leader Rev Jesse Jackson, is targeting the private, public and voluntary sectors. The four-year London Development Agency-funded campaign seeks to promote equality, share business best practice and help businesses ensure that London’s minorities are reflected across all staffing levels.

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EU constitution in welsh

The translation of the new European Union constitution into Welsh is a 'milestone' in the recognition of the language, Rhodri Morgan said. Cardiff's first minister was speaking after foreign secretary Jack Straw confirmed the government would go ahead with the translation. The move had been one of the conditions set out by Plaid Cymru in order to secure their support in the forthcoming referendum. Straw said it was the first time any European treaty will have become available in the language.

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Beijing police take language lessons in preparation for olympics

Langauge lessons have begun for some of Beijing's police force. The Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau selected 133 police officers to be sent to the UK, Germany, Australia and Canada to receive language tuition. In addition, lessons are also given in Beijing. A senior official stated the courses were in response to worries about the games. "The world community has two major concerns about the Beijing Games. One is security, and the other is the language barrier."

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E-bay launches new international site

Online auction house eBay Inc. said on Tuesday it had launched free classified-ad Web sites in six countries, after recently acquiring a number of other such sites in the United States and abroad.

EBay said it opened sites in Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy and Japan under the brand Kijiji, which means 'village' in Swahili.

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The benefits of E-learning for HR

E-learning is providing the opportunity to provide employees with training at minimal cost and disruption. With its ability to create (cyber) face to face environments and innovative training programs, HR departments are being provided with a great opportunity to modernise their internal training to deliver e-learning tools such as online language tuition to employees.

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word of the day: lachrymose

lachrymose \LAK-ruh-mohs\, adjective:
1. Given to shedding tears; suffused with tears; tearful.
2. Causing or tending to cause tears.

At the farewell party on the boat, Joyce was surrounded by a lachrymose family. --Edna O'Brien, "She Was the Other Ireland," New York Times, June 19, 1988

I promise to do my best, and if at any time my resolution lapses, pen me a few fierce vitriolic words and you shall receive by the next post a lachrymose & abject apology in my most emotional hand writing. --Rupert Brooke, letter to James Strachey, July 7, 1905

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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

welshman to become sony's next ceo

Howard Stringer, a Welshman, has been named Sony's next chairman and CEO making him the first 'foreigner' to take charge at the Japanese giant.

Stringer said the fact that he will be the first non-Japanese CEO in Sony since its establishment in 1946 will not be a problem. "This is a truly global company and most senior executives speak very good English," he said.

Nobuyuki Idei, the current CEO, pointed out that only 50,000 of its 150,000 employees are Japanese and businesses in Japan account for 29 percent of Sony's entire operations. "We always had discussions with people from other cultures. He happens to be a Welshman but when I look at Sony's entire operations, I don't have a sense of discomfort," he said.

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New Country Profile - New Zealand

A new country profile for New Zealand has been added to the Kwintessential site. Offering basic tips and insight into Kiwi language, culture and etiquette the guide is of use to anyone visiting the country for business or pleasure.

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322 languages spoken in the USA

The United States remains a nation of many languages united under one common tongue, according to a new national report by the U.S. English Foundation. The study also found that the number of languages spoken ranges from 207 in California to 59 in Wyoming, and that Los Angeles County leads the nation with 135 languages spoken at home.

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Diversity Index for USA

The Beyond Diversity Resource Center has released a survey that shows the level of cultural diversity in both states and major urban areas in the US.

"Where you live strongly determines the cultural diversity around you," said Robin Parker, the Executive Director for the Center. The Center compiled U.S. Census Bureau data for the 50 states and 20 most populous urbanized areas to complete the survey. Both states and urbanized areas were assigned a "diversity index score" based on the probability of encountering a person of a different race, while factoring in population density.

"Based on 'diversity index scores,' a person living in Hawaii is ten times more likely to encounter a person of a different race than is a person living in Maine. Similarly, a person living in the San Francisco-Oakland urbanized area is more than twice as likely to encounter a person of a different race than is a person living in the Minneapolis-St. Paul urbanized area," said Parker.

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medical translations to stay says judge

A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit challenging a Clinton administration policy that requires many doctors and hospitals to provide translators for patients who speak little English.

In a ruling announced Tuesday, Judge Barry Moskowitz said the plaintiffs did not demonstrate how they were harmed by the policy, which applies to all doctors and hospitals that receive federal funding.

The lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services was filed in August by several physicians and a group supporting English as the nation's official language. They contended the policy is an expensive and intrusive burden on doctors and limits their right of free speech.

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word of the day: milksop

milksop \MILK-sop\, noun:
An effeminate or weak-minded person; an unmanly man.

But though intelligent and 'good tempered', he was also something of a milksop, unlike his younger brothers who were 'full of courage'. --Saul David, Prince of Pleasure

And what a milksop I'll be thought and what a tyrant you'll be thought and how you'll be dreaded accordingly. --John Butler Yeats, quoted in W.B. Yeats: A Life, by R. F. Foster

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