Friday, March 04, 2005

New Cross Cultural Quiz - China

Kwintessential have added a new cross cultural quiz to the site testing your cultural awareness of Chinese business culture and etiquette.

Take the quiz: Cross Cultural Quiz - China

African Business School Leaders meet

A meeting between the leaders of African business schools took place on March 1st 2005 in Ghana. The two day meeting saw deans and directors from both Francophone and English speaking African countries gather to discuss accreditation, quality assurance, the training of local managers and the reduction of reliance of expatriate managers.

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Marines tutored in arabic language

It appears the US's plans for the Middle East certainly are long term. The finance being poured into training Marines in Arabic points to a future need to have military personnel able to converse with people in the region.

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MICEX launches new english language website

Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX) has launched a new English version of its website, highlighting the two way nature of web localization. The news site has been created with the aim of providing international investors and MICEX's foreign partners the latest financial and stock market information.

The new site is far from a translated mirror of the original site, with the developers providing a mix of the original corporate site and new information targeted at international investors. In essence, MICEX have understood that if they wish to boost their profile and attract new investment to Russia they must provide timely news and information in English. The move typifies the need for companies to tap foreign markets through foreign language websites.

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word of the day: billet

billet \BIL-it\, noun:
1. Lodging for soldiers.
2. An official order directing that a soldier be provided with lodging.
3. A position of employment; a job.

transitive verb
1. To quarter, or place in lodgings.
2. To serve (a person) with an official order to provide lodging for soldiers.

intransitive verb:
To be quartered; to lodge.

When he was well enough, he was retrieved back to his billet in the American zone. --Frances Stonor Saunders, The Cultural Cold War

Louisa stayed at the hospital to be near him, while the younger children were billeted at a nearby house with their Irish governess. --Douglas Botting, Gerald Durrell

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