Thursday, March 01, 2007

Lack of Cultural Competency Increases Disparities in Cancer Care

At a time when changing demographics requires clinicians to speak in a new language when interacting with patients and family members, the Intercultural Cancer Council (ICC) is joining forces with Meharry Medical College to improve the cultural competency of those health professionals who provide cancer care to the nation's racial/ethnic minorities and the rural poor.

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Cultural Awareness and Creating a Good Workplace Environment

In the 19th century managers thought of the work force as an undifferentiated mass composed of identical individuals. Typical of this thinking was Taylor’s notion of scientific management, which was popular early in this century. All workers were to be motivated, trained, and rewarded in the same way. These assumptions worked as long as workers had little education and power. But today’s workers are more educated, have more power, and demand to be treated as individuals. Treating workers as individuals often includes showing special respect for their culture. This means that managers must become more sensitive to cultural differences; they can no longer assume that universalistic theories of management, which ignore culture, are applicable.

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England's nursing officer for diversity appointed

Dawn Atkinson has been appointed in a new role as England's nursing officer for diversity.

A nurse for 22 years, she will be seconded to the Department of Health for two days a week for a year, advising the chief nursing officer about all issues relating to diversity.

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Briabe Media Offers Multicultural Marketing Assessments

Briabe Media Inc., a multicultural mobile media agency, announced today the launch of its Multicultural Mobile Marketing Assessments for brands seeking to better connect with multicultural audiences. Through these assessments Briabe Media will help brands align their mobile marketing strategies with their overall brand vision, and the lifestyles and media consumption habits of their target audiences.

As the US Hispanic and African American populations continue to grow in numbers and influence, marketers are realizing that to effectively reach these key demographic groups requires a different approach that takes into account their diversity and lifestyles. Brands faced with the challenges of increased competition, fragmentation of audiences and intensifying pressure to deliver quantifiable results are finding the case for mobile, as a viable marketing channel to reach multicultural audiences hard to ignore.

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Flickr to launch Chinese-language version

Flickr, the Web 2.0-based photo/image community website acquired by Yahoo! in March 2005, will launch a traditional Chinese version by the end of 2007 as a key step to entering the Asian market, according to Flickr founder Stewart Butterfield during a visit to Taipei on February 27.

While Asian people like to take pictures more than Americans and Europeans, Japanese rank top and Taiwanese second, Butterfield indicated.

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Break down language barriers, form a bond

Language difference is often a barrier that separates humans from interaction with one another. The language barrier also causes cultures to judge, ridicule and reject one another. Selfishly, Americans often view the English language as the primary language of the world. What would make our language primary? Wealth? All languages are of equal importance on this earth.

Even though America’s core language is English, we are one nation full of languages besides that one.

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New Clicktionary Released

Cleverlearn Ltd., a leading global provider of online English learning solutions, is pleased to announce the release of the new version of Clicktionary! Clicktionary is a leading dictionary and translation software produced and powered by Cleverlearn. Clicktionary’s latest version is equipped with a smarter technology that gives you faster translation result in just one click and comes with a new English-Greek dictionary and an improved English-French dictionary.

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New research could lower language barriers

The Statistical Multilingual Analysis for Retrieval and Translation (SMART) project funded by the European Union (EU) and led by Xerox’s European Research Centre in France, was prompted by the fact that research by the EU suggested that more than half of Europeans can only hold a conversation in their own language, and that existing document translation services do not always produce accurate results that scan grammatically very well.

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Word of the Day: profligate

profligate \PROF-luh-guht; -gayt\, adjective:
1. Openly and shamelessly immoral; dissipated; dissolute.
2. Recklessly wasteful.
1. A profligate person.

Both Curtiss and Feldmar agreed that after the birth of Bruno the couple grew less happy and that there was a good deal of squabbling caused, apparently, by the father's profligate ways and infidelities. -- Arthur Lennig, Stroheim

Life had to be challenged, attacked every instant, with reckless speed in a Ferrari, with profligate spending, with unrestrained sexuality, with artistic ambitions as monumental as they were impractical. -- Tag Gallagher, The Adventures of Roberto Rossellini

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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Commission for Equality and Human Rights to increase fairness in UK

A new approach is needed to tackle discrimination and disadvantage in the UK, the final Equalities Review report has recommended.

The inquiry that produced the report, led by Trevor Phillips, chairman of the Commission for Equality and Human Rights, proposes a 10-step programme to help make the UK a fairer, more equal country at ease with its diversity.

It recommends new flexibility for employers to use positive action – which will allow firms to assist people from previously excluded ethnic minority groups to compete on equal terms with other applicants.

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Vatican Website to go Chinese

The Vatican web site will soon make some Church documents available in Chinese.

Archbishop Claudio Celli-- the secretary of the Administration of the Patrimony of the Holy See, which is responsible for the busy Vatican web site-- has revealed the plans to translate important material, including papal statements and homilies, into Chinese.

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Word of the Day: surreptitious

surreptitious \suhr-uhp-TISH-uhs; suh-rep-\, adjective:
1. Done, made, or gotten by stealth.
2. Acting with or marked by stealth.

The monitoring is not surreptitious; on the contrary, the defendant and his or her attorney are required to be given notice of the government's listening activities. -- John Ashcroft, "National Security; Prevention of Acts of Violence and Terrorism", Federal Register 66, no. 211, October 26, 2001

While men's appetites are driven by availability, women's are often driven by cravings. A dab of chocolate here, a pinch of sugar there, and some surreptitious midnight Dairy Queen runs lurk behind a woman's oh-so-virtuous bran breakfast, salad lunch, and grilled fish dinner. -- Wendy Hubbert, "The skinny on male/female dieting", Redbook, October 1, 2001

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