Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The USA: Internationally Aware?

We came across this video via You Tube and thought it funny enough to share with our readers. Although we appreciate this does not and should not reflect on all Americans, it does prove worrying watching.

Firms Align to Deliver Comprehensive Cultural Competency Solutions in Healthcare

Comprehensive cultural competency solutions for healthcare is a goal for many organizations today. Recognizing this need, a strategic partnership has been formed between Cook Ross, Inc., and Manhattan Cross Cultural Group, Inc. (MCCG), both national leaders in cultural competency training and consulting services. MCCG, founded by three physicians who are among the nation’s thought leaders in cross-cultural healthcare and health disparities, are the developers of Quality Interactions®: A Patient-Based Approach to Cross-Cultural Care, a leading e-learning program used by physicians, nurses and other health care professionals around the country. Cook Ross an organizational development consultancy specializing in diversity and cultural competency has developed a comprehensive suite of cultural competency products and services for the healthcare industry. Among their products is their on-line healthcare resource CultureVision™, which allows practitioners to rapidly access culture-specific patient care information. This partnership will allow organizations to work with MCCG and Cook Ross in every aspect of their cultural competency efforts. Such activities include online or on-site cross-cultural training, organizational assessments, as well as valuable cross-cultural reference materials.

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Omega announces plans for English language training centre

Following a recent government warning on the proposed cuts to subsidised English language classes for immigrants, recruitment specialists Omega Resource Group has announced plans to set up a training division to provide English as a foreign language tuition (EFL) and associated vocational classes in Poland this year (2007).

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Indonesian language growing in China

Indonesian language is growing in China as the number of Indonesian tourists to that country is going up every year, a Chinese academician said.

Prof. Cai Jin Cheng MA who teaches Indonesian and Malay literature at Guangdong University's Institute of Foreign Studies said Tuesday the increasing importance of the Indonesian language in China could be seen from the fact that the frequency of admission of students for the Indonesian language departmentat the university had been raised from once every five years to once every two years.

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Lost-in-translation signs to be cleansed for Olympics

For years, foreigners in China have delighted in the loopy English translations that appear on the nation's signs. They range from the offensive — "Deformed Man," outside toilets for the handicapped — to the sublime — "Show Mercy to the Slender Grass," on park lawns.

Last week, Beijing city officials unveiled a plan to stop the laughter. With hordes of foreign visitors expected in town for the 2008 Summer Olympics, Beijing wants to cleanse its signs of translation nonsense.

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Quality of Life Survey: Best Places to Live

For the second year running in our annual Quality of Life Index, we say: France.

At the other end of the Index, again for year number two, Iraq scores the fewest points and ranks as the world’s worst place to be.

The European countries always get top scores (with the Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, and Luxembourg making it into our top 10 this year), as do the antipodean nations of Australia (second place) and New Zealand (fourth). Argentina, for the first time, makes it into our top 10 (in 10th position).

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Word of the Day: genial

genial \JEEN-yuhl; JEE-nee-uhl\, adjective:
1. [Obsolete] Pertaining to generation or marriage.
2. Friendly, warm; kindly; sympathetically cheerful and cheering.
3. Mild, pleasant; comfortable; favorable to life or growth.

The day before the operation, despite his paralysis, he had been his usual genial self, laughing and joking. -- Ruth Brandon, Surreal Lives

Though the tattoo is rather forbidding, belying Giambi's genial nature, his teammates are all in favor of it. -- "Body Art Inspires Giambi in Art of Hitting", San Francisco Chronicle, July 27, 1999

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Monday, February 05, 2007

Language shake-up for schools

English schools may be allowed to teach Mandarin and Arabic in new curriculum proposals set to be revealed on Monday.

The languages may be allowed to take the place of the mandatory EU language taught to students aged 11 to 14 in secondary schools from September 2008, if the proposals are accepted by ministers. Under current curriculum guidelines, every secondary school must teach its students one language, such as French, Italian, German or Spanish. Under the new plans, schools will be able to extend the range of languages they offer their students.

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Pfizer denied right to Chinese name of Viagra

US drug giant Pfizer has suffered a loss in its battle with mainland pharmaceutical companies over the trademark of its anti-impotence drug Viagra, denied the right to use a common translation of the product's name on the mainland.

Pfizer claimed that "Wei Ge", which sounds similar to Viagra in Chinese and literally translates as "great man", had been widely used by local media to refer to the drug since it entered the Chinese market in 1998 and was widely understood as the name of the product.

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Africa's Internet gap getting wider, says study

Broadband Internet connections in Africa are expected to more than double by 2011, but the continent is falling further behind the rest of the world as governments fail to open markets and drive down costs.

High-speed Internet connections in Africa -- including DSL, WiMax and wireless technologies such as 3G -- are likely to rise to 7 million by 2011 from 3 million now, according to a recent report by South African research group BMI-TechKnowledge.

That compares with almost 70 million connections already in European Union countries. The gap means broadband services will be inaccessible to all but a few rich and privileged Africans, which is likely to deter needed foreign investment.

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Word of the Day: missive

missive \MIS-iv\, noun:
A written message; a letter.

She also agreed to write to the Prince, while the Count included a suitably outraged missive of his own. -- Saul David, Prince of Pleasure

Well, somebody sent the invitation, I said, getting back to the mysterious missive. -- Jane Heller, Name Dropping

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