Friday, February 02, 2007 goes multilingual

Estonia’s leading online travel agency, which provides good deals on a 1000 airlines and 30,000 hotels worldwide, is now operational in Russian and English, in addition to Estonian.

“It's often forgotten that native speakers of Russian make up a notable part of our market of 1.4 million people,�? says founder Liinat. “They, too, want rapid and convenient solutions from service providers.�? Meanwhile, the English-language environment is attempting to target travel agency markets outside of Estonia. also issues electronic tickets, allowing customers to purchase airfares from a great distance.

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Word of the Day: moribund

moribund \MOR-uh-bund\, adjective:
1. In a dying state; dying; at the point of death.
2. Becoming obsolete or inactive.

He put on a beaver overcoat, a present from a wealthy Petrograd banker and speculator, Ignati Porfiryevich Manus, whose niece had been moribund with fever until Rasputin's healing intercession had revived her. -- Brian Moynahan, Rasputin: The Saint Who Sinned

Perhaps this explained his solicitousness, his tender careful moist gaze, as if she were moribund. -- Kathryn Harrison, The Binding Chair

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