Thursday, January 19, 2006

bookmakers slammed for using jesus in ad campaign

A poster campaign for online bookmaker Paddy Power has been withdrawn after a warning it could cause serious offence because it showed images of Jesus seated behind a stack of gambling chips.

The poster drew widespread complaints for showing a pastiche of Leonardo da Vinci's painting 'The Last Supper' with Jesus next to the chips and the Apostles playing cards or roulette. The ad's tagline stated: "There's a place for fun and games".

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translation, culture and advertising in india

In India during the '80s and '90s, commercials used to be conceptualised in English and posed several problems in translation, but today they seem to be primarily conceived with the Hindi belt in mind.

Translations turn out stilted and are almost laughable in their execution. Some of the situations too are completely alien to the average Tamilian - the Chevrolet Optra ad featuring Karva Chauth, which is a way of life in the rest of India, means very little to Chennai notwithstanding the Dilwale Dulhania Lejayenges of this world.

I think where advertisers and advertising agencies come to grief in translation is where the creative thought is essentially Hindi — Chinta Mani — or has a clever turn of phrase, like "Cheetah Bhi Peeta Hai" for Mountain Dew. The challenge for agencies is to create advertising that is not dependant on a clever turn of phrase but on the power of an idea that cuts across languages and cultures.

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poor air quality threatens hong kong's competitiveness

Deteriorating air quality in Hong Kong will drive away potential investors and thus threaten the city's competitiveness as Asia's free trade center, expatriate businessmen warned on Wednesday.

"If intellectual property piracy is stealing goods, our poor environment is stealing our health and our future," said Steve Marcopoto, president and managing director of Turner Broadcasting System Asia Pacific, Inc. "The 'Death of Hong Kong' may...(result) quite literally from the air we breathe," he said in his inaugural speech as 2006 chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong (AmCham).

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spanish language expat mag moves to barcelona

MORADA, a Spanish language publication, geared toward the expatriate and frequent traveler is branching out to Barcelona. MORADA’s editor, Eduardo Lopez de Luzuriaga, is moving the magazine’s operations to Barcelona in January 2006.

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dive in french skills of flemish students

The French-language skills of Flemish youths have drastically fallen in the past 20 years and Flemish teachers in Brussels who are required to undergo French tests also perform poorly.

First-year students who enrolled in the current academic year for a Bachelor of French scored on average 40 percent in a beginners test. In 1986, students scored an average of 55 percent.

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malta wades into "euro" spelling debate

The Maltese Language Academy exhorted the Maltese government to join its forces with those countries resisting the “euro�? spelling “so that we Maltese will gain the right to write this word according to the orthographic rules of our language�?.

In a statement, the academy said that “besides the Maltese people, the Slovenians, Hungarians, Lithuanians and Latvians are also resisting the uniform spelling of euro,�? the academy – which is distinct from the recently-set-up National Council for the Maltese Language – said.

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new translation course in malta

In Malta The Società Dante Alighieri is organising a practical course in translation. The course consists of practical translation sessions from English and/or Italian into Maltese. Following an introductory session dealing with the basic concepts of translation and job opportunities in the field, each session will deal with a particular type of text (eg official documents, newspaper articles, reviews, literary texts, etc.) to be translated by the participants and discussed with the tutor.

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spain unhappy at eu translation shuffle

A European Commission decision to reshuffle translators continues to aggravate Spanish MEPs, who say the move is political and goes against EU interests while the commission argues the matter is strictly organisational.

In a letter to education commissioner Jan Figel, Spanish socialist MEP Carlos Carnero Gonzalez points out that under the new deal, Spanish will be the most punished of all the 20 official community languages and evidently inferior to English, French and German. Mr Carnero Gonzalez states that Spanish is the fastest growing language in the EU as well as internationally, with 500 million Spanish speakers in the world.

"The commission is making a huge political mistake. It does not look good for the EU image to cut down on Spanish, especially not ahead of the EU-Latin-American summit in May," he said.

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german online dating site buys stake in chinese equivalent

Meetic, a German online dating and community site, paid USD 20 mln for a majority stake in eFriendsNet Entertainment, which operates China's largest online dating website , an eFriendsNet official said.

"Meetic made this acquisition because it wants to enter the social networking market in Mainland China in an efficient way," eFriendsNet spokesperson Qi Xin told Interfax Wednesday. "The business model and profitability of China's social networking industry is becoming more clear and that has drawn more attention from foreign investors."

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word of the day: ergo

ergo \UR-go; AIR-\, adverb:
Therefore; consequently.

The general observation has always been: Dogs form packs; the leader of the pack is the strongest, wisest, and largest individual; a human being among dogs fits that description; ergo we are the leader of any dog pack. --Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson, Dogs Never Lie About Love: Reflections on the Emotional World of Dogs

Armani isn't interested in fashion that moves on (ergo he isn't interested in fashion). --Sinead Lynch, "The waist land," Times (London), October 9, 2000

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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

new profile on columbia

Kwintessential have added a new country profile to their list of nations. The profile of Columbia looks at a range of information including the language, culture, society, social etiquette guidelines (including meeting, gift giving and dining) as well as business etiquette protocol.

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uk is a "multiracial hellhole"

Secretly filmed tirades against Muslims and Asians by the leader of the British National party, Nick Griffin, were described to a jury yesterday, including claims that rape and paedophilia against non-believers were countenanced by the Qur'an.

At private party meetings, the Cambridge graduate who has immersed himself in far-right politics for nearly 30 years described parts of Britain as "multiracial hellholes" targeted by a supposed Asian Muslim plan for global conquest.

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example of free translation

An article about the free translation tool available through the Cervantes Institute provides an example of what a translation machine can do in place of a human translator. Below is an extract. On one hand it is an easy and free way of understanding some text but on the other, it reads rather badly!

"The Automatic Translator of the Cervantes Institute, has been making free more than 582,000 translations from his beginning for now a year, with which he has passed to other languages 200 million words, the institute informed.

The services more demanded by the users are the translation of English to Spanish (the 23 percent), followed of Spanish Catalan (21 percents) and of Spanish to English (13 percents).

During this year, that finishes beginning, Gallego between the languages available will include itself, so that soon translations of Spanish to Gallego will be able to be solicitd vice versa and.

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word of the day: quondam

quondam \KWAHN-duhm; KWAHN-dam\, adjective:
Having been formerly; former; sometime.

A quondam flower child, she spent seven years at the Royal College of Art, before becoming a lecturer at Edinburgh School of Art. --"Interview: Cool, calm collector," Independent, December 13, 1997

For the unregenerate 'peasant' . . . had gone there with the successful glass distributor, shrewd investor, versatile talker, and quondam bon vivant whose motto was "The best is good enough for me." --Ted Solotaroff, Truth Comes in Blows: A Memoir

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