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Kids Cultural Awareness TeachingOur innovative Youth Cross Cultural Training programs are designed for and aimed at children and teenagers who may be accompanying their expatriate parents abroad.

The aim of the program is to involve the children of the family in the relocation process and to help minimise the negative effects of » culture shock.

The courses are orientated in style and content to issues facing the younger members of the family.

Relocation Training for Children

The Youth Cross Cultural Training course seeks to help by:

» Exciting children about the expatriate relocation process.
» Helping them understand their role in the expatriate relocation.
» Introducing them to the target destination.
» Giving them practical information on life in the new country.
» Providing them with coping strategies to employ when missing home.
» Encouraging them to embrace the new culture.

The youth program is usually aimed at children aged between 7-18. It is typically administered over a day, but can also be integrated with language training over a longer period of time. Each training programme is tailored to the client's particular needs and delivered by a cross cultural consultant with experience in training or teaching children or teenagers.

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