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What is Cross Cultural Training?

Cross-Cultural Training Courses in the UKThe term "cross cultural training" refers to a variety of different training courses. Each in essence aims to develop awareness between people where a common cultural framework does not exist.

In general, cross cultural training has two parallel approaches:

  • General Cross Cultural Awareness Training, and
  • Culture/Country Specific Training.

Cross cultural awareness training deals with the manifestations of culture in the workplace and has many applications. Its main purpose is to evaluate and constructively tackle the challenges cross cultural differences can bring to the workplace.

A few examples of the courses we cover can illustrate the different applications of cross cultural awareness training:

Cross Cultural Team Building Training will aim to raise team members' awareness of each other culturally in order to foster mutual trust, respect and understanding. The result of which will be clearer lines of communication.

Cross Cultural Management Training aims to equip management staff with the knowledge and skills to effectively supervise a multi-cultural staff. Cross cultural awareness training results in a more convivial and understanding work environment.

Cross Cultural Negotiation Training assists negotiators involved with foreign clients or customers with whom they are discussing possible terms and conditions.

Cultural Diversity Training offers HR staff support in helping them understand their responsibilities to ethnic minority staff and/or look at ways of nurturing harmonious inter-personal relationships at work.

Culture Specific Training is generally aimed at individuals or teams that regularly visit a foreign country or who frequently interact with overseas clients or colleagues. Such training usually focuses on areas such as values, morals, ethics, business practices, etiquette, protocol or negotiation styles with reference to one country. This better equips participants with the key skills that will help in building successful business relationships.

For a full overview of cross cultural training courses run by Kwintessential, please visit our Cross Cultural Courses page.

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