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Political and economic stability, key government reforms, immense resources, a huge labour force and strong international trade links mean Russia is looking in all directions for business partnerships.

Russian Business Culture Course

Our instructive cross cultural communication course for Russia is designed and delivered by a cross cultural expert with firsthand knowledge of Russian culture, etiquette, business practices and ethics.

The course assists business personnel by providing them with the correct cross cultural tools to maximise their potential when dealing with Russian customers, colleagues or clients.

We help you do business more confidently and more successfully.

Russia: Cultural Awareness Courses

Each cross cultural course we deliver is tailored to the particular needs of our special clients. Within each we always cover areas such as communication, etiquette, cross cultural differences and work styles.

Examples of topics we can cover include:

» Russia and the West  

  • Modern history’s influence on cross cultural (mis)perceptions
  • Breaking stereotypes
  • Theoretical and practical cross cultural models and examples
  • Steps to effective cross cultural communication

» Communicating with Russians

  • Beliefs, culture, values, ethics, customs and national character
  • Interpersonal relations
  • Building relationships
  • Communication – verbal and non-verbal
  • Social etiquette and protocol

» Doing Business in Russia

  • Language tuition
  • Preparing to travel to Russia
  • Business in Russia – features, traditions and ethics
  • Comparative analysis of Russian and Western business practices
  • Making appointments
  • Russian business etiquette
  • Business entertaining
  • Negotiations
  • Management

» Relocating to Russia

  • Preparing for the move
  • What to bring?
  • Russian history, culture and values
  • Western perceptions of Russia
  • Russian attitudes to foreigners
  • The family – raising children, women in public life, education, holidays
  • Public behaviour and etiquette
  • Food and drink
  • Transport, shopping and entertainment

All our cross cultural communications courses will equip you with skills for life!

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