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Libya Culture TrainingFollowing political developments in Libya, it now possibly represents one of the most attractive markets for foreign investors.

Years of pariah status, secrecy and lack of investment have lead to a great need within the country for development of the infrastructure and economy. Western businessmen now have the opportunity to invest and prosper in Libya. However, business in Libya runs on very different tracks compared to the UK.

Libyan Business Culture

Alongside established and experienced Libya experts we are now offering the most cutting edge cross cultural awareness course for Libya on the market. The course gives an insight into the cross cultural differences in business practices in addition to insider knowledge of the country’s economy and potential areas of risk and opportunity.

We offer the chance to get ahead in Libya through helping you:

• Gain insider knowledge of the Libyan government, economy and infrastructure.
• Understand where Libya has come from and where the government plans to go. We shed light on the potential trade capacity with Libya and avenues for investment.
• Learn about your sector. Do you work in energy, construction, communications or IT? We can give you an insight into your sector and how it operates at present.
• Realise the possible successes and pitfalls of dealing with Libya. Avoid frustration, delays and inconvenience by learning how to do things properly.
• Maximise your potential though building effective relationships. By getting to grips with cross cultural differences in business practices you learn about Libyan customs, manners, etiquettes, negotiation styles and much more. 
• Acquire contacts in Libya and the UK that can assist in potential projects, investment or negotiations.

Our course is guaranteed to provide you with the confidence, knowledge and cross cultural know-how to be a success in this potentially prosperous economy.

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