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Japan Culture Training Course"The most valuable aspect was that the training reinforced the importance of calibrating my approach to Japanese business culture."  JX Nippon

Doing Business in Japan? Let us help you do it better...

An ancient culture developed within the geographical boundaries of an island has produced a modern day society with strong cultural values, traditions and customs. Doing business in Japan or with the Japanese arguably poses the most potential for cross cultural misunderstandings.

Doing business in Japan necessitates cultural awareness. This means proper preparation in terms of understanding the business culture, business etiquette, meeting protocol and many other cross cultural issues.

Our respected cross cultural training course for Japan is designed to assist individuals and companies get the best out of their dealings with or in Japan.

Each training course is 100% bespoke, carefully tailored to meet the particular needs of every client. The course assists global players build their cultural awareness of Japan. This in turn leads to strong interpersonal relationships, clearer lines of cross cultural communication and minimising cross cultural misunderstandings.

Japanese Culture Training

Our first-class cultural awareness training course covers areas such as:

» Cross Cultural Differences  

  • Cross cultural (mis)perceptions
  • Breaking cross cultural stereotypes
  • How does culture impact business?
  • Theoretical and practical cross cultural models and examples
  • Steps to effective cross cultural communication

» Communicating with the Japanese

  • Beliefs, culture, values, ethics, customs and national character
  • Interpersonal relations
  • The concept of ‘face’
  • Building relationships
  • Communication – verbal and non-verbal
  • Social etiquette and protocol

» Doing Business in Japan

  • Language tuition
  • Preparing to travel to Japan
  • Business in Japan – features, traditions and ethics
  • Comparative analysis of Japanese and Western business practices
  • Making appointments
  • Using intermediaries
  • Japanese business etiquette
  • Gift giving etiquette
  • Business card etiquette
  • Business entertaining
  • Meetings & Negotiations
  • Cross cultural man-management

» Relocating to Japan

  • Preparing for the move
  • What to bring?
  • Japanese history, culture and values
  • Western perceptions of Japan
  • Japanese attitudes to foreigners
  • The family – raising children, education, holidays
  • Spouse coaching
  • Public behaviour and etiquette
  • Food and drink
  • Transport, shopping and entertainment

Stay one step ahead of the game - Our cross cultural communication course for Japan is delivered by expert consultants at the apex of their field. All bring with them a firsthand knowledge of living and/or working in Japan.

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