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Cultural Awareness DVDsLooking for business training DVDs?  We offer a range of popular DVDs & videos that can be used as stand-alone training resources or as part of wider courses.

Our range of training materials cover areas such as cultural diversity, etiquette, sales, customer service, team-building, management, leadership, human resources and business skills.

To discover more about each title, simply click through where you will find some details of the DVD contents, a preview, an info sheet and details on how to order.

All our business training DVDs have been hand-picked from world-class publishers who focus specifically on developing these training programmes. For further information please visit our FAQ page or simply contact us.

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Cultural Diversity

1.    Diversity Challenges
2.    Is it Bias?
3.    The Multicultural Customer
4.    We Are All Different - Diversity in the Workplace

Cultural Awareness

1.    Cross-Cultural Understanding
2.    Intercultural Communicating     
3.    International Negotiating  
4.    Cross-Cultural Communication   
5.    Cultural Awareness      
6.    Cross Cultural Communication & Customer Service  

Country Specific Business Insights

1.    Doing Business in Argentina  
2.    Doing Business in Brazil    
3.    Doing Business in Chile   
4.    Doing Business in Mexico  
5.    Doing Business in Indonesia    
6.    Doing Business in Malaysia    
7.    Doing Business in Singapore   


1.    Building the Virtual Team  
2.    Building the Multicultural Team   
3.    Getting Ahead by Getting Along: People Skills for the Workplace
4.    Building a Winning Team
5.    Mixing Four Generations in the Workplace  
6.    Managing Four Generations in the Workplace

Customer Service

1.    Angry Customer
2.    Dimensions of Service
3.    Levels of Learning
4.    Credibility Through Honesty
5.    Customer Service Counts
6.    Customer Service: The Telephone Connection
7.    When the Phone Rings: Telephone Skills for Better Service
8.    Dealing with the Irate Customer
9.    Serving Customers - Helping People
10.  Creating the Repeat Customer
11.  T.H.A.N.K.S Enlightened Customer Service
12.  Little Things Mean A Lot™
13.  The Customer Service Connection
14.  Listening Under Pressure: The Customer Service Challenge

Leadership & Management

1.    Follow the Leader
2.    The Leadership Secret of Gregory Goose
3.    Performing Appraisals: Getting Results
4.    The Power of Positive Discipline
5.    The Art of Leadership - One Touchpoint at a Time
6.    Leadership at Every Level
7.    Managing People: Key Skills for Great Managers

Personal & Business Skills

1.    The New Time of Your Life: The Fundamentals of Time Management
2.    Preventing and Managing Stress
3.    Negotiations: Solving the Tough Problems
4.    Acting with Power
5.    Courage to Coach - Retail
6.    Hiring Success: A Step-By-Step Guide
7.    How to Write and Deliver Great Speeches
8.    Breakthrough Listening
9.    Criticism: Giving and Taking
10.  The Well-Managed Meeting
11.  Conflicts in the Workplace: Sources & Solutions