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Cultural Awareness Training Courses

Cultural Awareness Courses

Welcome to Kwintessential - the home of quality, bespoke cultural awareness training courses.

Below we have listed some of our more popular intercultural training courses. These are both 'Country Specific' and 'Skill Specific' courses. If the course you want is not listed, then not to worry as we design all courses from scratch and will certainly be able to assist you. With a decade's experience across sectors and industries, we cater to all needs.

Please scroll on for more information or simply contact us to discuss your needs.

Country Specific Cultural Courses

Skill Specific Cultural Courses


China Culture Training

China's new position as a global economic super-power means more business people are visiting the country.

However, a very different culture and value system can lead to issues when doing business.

Our cultural awareness coaching will help you get the best out of your visit to China and establish long-term relationships.

Business and Culture

Culture in Business Training Course

How does culture impact modern business? What are the areas businesses and their personnel need to be aware of in order to ensure their success on the international stage?

Our Business & Culture course is aimed at offering individuals and organisations an understanding of how cross-cultural dynamics impacts them, their roles and their organisation.


Germany Culture Training

Working in Germany or with Germans brings to the surface many issues in terms of communication styles, time-management, hierarchy, business processes and the like.

Our Germany specific training courses help people before doing business in Germany or can advise how to create great cultural synergy between the German and another's culture.

Expatriate Relocation

International Relocation Culture Training

Did you know many international assignees fail in their new locations due to the inability to adjust?

Our expat relocation courses prepare assignees and/or the families for life abroad. We concentrate on participants to the new country's culture, people, values, daily life and business culture. By minimising the impact of culture shock, we maximise expats' success rates when working abroad.


India Culture Training

As well as an out-sourcing hot-spot India's services and manufacturing industries have created a place of importance for the country in the world's economy.

Our India specific training courses are useful for anyone seeking to set-up a business in India or ar looking at out-sourcing, off-shoring or importing.

Management and Leadership

Leadership Cultural Competence

Our world-class corporate and business leadership coaching courses are aimed at supervisors, managers, executives and CEOs.

Leadership today requires the ability to direct and inspire across cultural boundaries. We help individuals wanting to develop their leadership skills within an intercultural framework.


Islam Awareness

Muslims feature heavily in business both domestically and abroad. Our course is designed according to your needs but is essentially aimed at anyone working with Muslims whether at home or in another country.

Our course essentially looks to rid people of the many stereotypes and negative connotations associated with Islam. By doing so it creates greater trust and stronger relationships.

Cultural Competence

Cultural Competence Training

Intercultural training is moving towards a behaviour centred approach. People need more than facts and figures or dos and don'ts about people from different cultures.

Intercultural competency is about the ability to work across cultures through an instilled understanding of cultures on a general level in terms of communication and working styles.


Japan Culture Training

One of our most popular courses, "Working with the Japanese" helps people understand the intricacies of Japanese business culture and etiquette.

We design the course specifically for your set of needs but can cover a host of subjects from meeting & greeting to negotiating to entertaining and dining etiquette.

Intercultural Etiquette

Cultural Etiquette Training

Our Etiquette training courses are aimed at business people who work internationally or cross-culturally.

First impressions are everything and we help you come across the way you would want.

We help our clients get business results through giving them an understanding of the ins and outs of the target cultures' etiquette, protocol and customs.

Latin America

Latin America Culture Training

Designed for those doing business in Latin America, whether that be Central or South America.

Our training course will give you a greater insight into how business is done, the importance of relationships, how to communicate effectively and much more.

Team Building

Multicultural Team Building

The companies and organisations of today consist of staff from the four corners of the globe. Colleagues work in multi-cultural teams either in the same office or across borders.

We are committed to assisting businesses get the best out of their multi-cultural teams through our cross cultural team building courses.


Libya Culture Training

Libya is open for business. A great need for skills, training and services means the country is keen to welcome foreign firms.

However, years of pariah status means that doing business in Libya can be challenging. Our course prepares you for both the cultural and practical elements of working in Libya.

Communication and Sales

Communication Skills Training

The need to sell, communicate and work across cultures requires a certain level of intercultural awareness.

We offer a number of first-class cross cultural courses on communication and sales skills assisting business personnel in building awareness of intercultural differences that could impact the success of their roles.

Middle East

Arab Culture Training

Whether you are doing business with Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain or the UAE our cultural awareness course will give you valuable insight into working with Arabs.

Our courses cover the main areas of concern such as the role of Islam, etiquette, communication styles, relationship building, meetings, negotiating and much more.

HR Courses

Human Resources Training

Today's HR functions increasingly have to work in international and cross cultural environments. In addition to the normal pressures of work, HR personnel are now required to deal with the challenges emanating from cross cultural differences.

Effective HR in the modern environment necessitates cultural competency in order to deliver the best. Our courses help HR functions do just that.


Russia Culture Training

Despite Russia's new political and business policies, working in the country is still a minefield. Cultural nuances combined with a very different way of doing business perplex many a foreign business person when visiting the country.

One of our Russia specialists will guide you through the process of how to get business done in Russia and what to expect along the way.

Cultural Diversity

Cultural Diversity Training

The issue of diversity is now a matter of importance following changes in employment law. It is imperative that employers take cultural diversity seriously both for the harmony of the workplace and possible legal implications.

Our Cultural Diversity Training course is designed to help companies and organisations with their multi-cultural diversity issues in the workplace.


Thai Culture Training

Offering insight into Thai values and beliefs, our course is a great first step towards understanding potential business partners and forming the perfect working relationship.

Let one of our country experts assist you in maximising your success when working in Thailand or with Thais through a 1/2 or full-day course.

Online Intercultural Learning

Online Cultural Awareness Training

Online education or e-learning is become an increasingly attractive and popular method of training and education both among the general public and within businesses. We use the Arganout© tool which has been developed with the needs of international businesses in mind, offering expatriates, managers, HR personnel, international teams and global business travellers with access to a range of online tools and resources.


British Culture Training

Our "Living & Working in the UK" course is essentially open to anyone wishing to understand the nuances of working or doing business in Britain.

Ideal for inbound expatriates, international teams and virtual teams, it is also a valuable means for businesses and their personnel to appreciate how the British like to operate.

Intercultural Negotiation

Negotiation Cultural Differences

Our first-class negotiation training course provides instructive and insightful coaching on how to negotiate effectively with different cultures - we help you boost your success rates.

We provide you with key information on approaches to, tactics in and etiquette surrounding negotiation.


USA Culture Training

Although most people assume doing business in America is straight-forward, there are intricacies to working with Americans that manifest over time. Our USA focused course looks at the differences between American values and culture and those of other countries. It highlights the potential areas of culture clash, how to avoid them and how to overcome them.

Youth Cultural Training

Cultural Awareness for Kids

Our cultural training programs for youth are designed for and aimed at children and teenagers who may be accompanying their expatriate parents abroad. The aim of the program is to involve the children of the family in the relocation process and to help minimise the negative effects of culture shock.


Iran Culture Training

Usually in the news for the wrong reasons, Iran poses ancient complexities the business person must understand prior to working in the country. Our Iran course helps dispell many of the myths of Iran and at the same time enlighten participants with a greater appreciation of the skills and approach needed to succeed in this fascinating country.

Customer Services

Cultural Awareness Training for Hospitality

Our Customer Services courses are aimed at a range of sectors and industries. Essentially all courses look at how to provide customer service excellence when working cross-culturally. Our courses provide participants within organisations, whether managers or front of house staff, with key cross-cultural skills to enable them to deal more effectively with foreign customers.