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Cross-Cultural Retail Course

"The most valuable aspect was understanding that cultures and people are different and that difference is good - there is no right or wrong in behaviour of people with different cultural backgrounds and it is positive to make an effort to understand and embrace that."  All Saints

Course Overview

Chinese shopper LondonToday, more than ever, the make-up of people walking into retail outlets is incredibly diverse. Both international visitors plus domestic cultural diversity means retail employees are having to deal with different cultures and languages on a daily basis.

With this diversity comes the need to understand how best to welcome, serve and sell to this customer base. For example, not all cultures like being touched, others expect constant attention and certain cultures may not shop if someone of the same gender is not available to assist. With so many businesses competing for customers it is vital to get that competitive edge. Having culturally aware employees can offer this edge, and this is what our course is designed to do.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants should be able to:

  • Appreciate the differences between cultures and their shopping habits
  • Make good first impressions
  • Greater appreciate body language
  • Explain what behaviours may be inappropriate in certain cultures or a positive in others
  • Demonstrate proper etiquette associated with their main customer base
  • Deal with difficult shoppers sensitively
  • Know how to sell, cross-sell and up-sell more effectively

Next Steps

As we only design and deliver courses as per individual requests, we need to understand who needs the course and why. Having understood the request more in-depth we are then able to tailor the course to ensure it is relevant and rewarding.

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