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Relocation Cultural Awareness Training

Need cultural awareness briefings for your internationally mobile workforce?International Relocation Culture Training

Our top-notch Expat Relocation Training programs are targeted at individuals and families relocating abroad.

Research has shown that the inability to adapt to the host culture is amongst the most cited reasons for relocation failure.

Our bespoke relocation training courses are designed to minimise the risk of this occurring by properly equipping people with the cross cultural tools that will help them settle into their new lives abroad.

Culture Shock: Training

How do we help beat the impact of Culture Shock on international assignees? Our training provides:

  • An introduction to the country and its history, politics and culture.
  • An understanding of the target culture's values, customs and etiquette and their possible impact on work and social life. 
  • Tips on preparing to work with new colleagues from different nationalities.
  • An accurate portrayal of the possible lifestyle in the target destination.
  • Guidelines and tools on how to adapt and deal with cultural differences.
  • Language training prior to relocation.

Bespoke Training & Design

We don't believe in purely off-the-shelf packages for any of our relocation training. Our cross cultural relocation courses are tailored to the needs or interests of each particular client, so we take a 100% bespoke approach.

Courses are administered by cross cultural specialists with knowledge of living and working in the target country as well as experience of relocation.

To get a quote, a draft proposal, bio of your trainer and a pencilled in start date is easy. Contact us to discover more.

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