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Negotiation Skills Training UKLooking to sharpen your international negotiation skills? Look no further...

Our first-class Cross Cultural Negotiation training course provides instructive and insightful coaching on how to negotiate effectively with different cultures - we help you boost your success rates.

Cross Cultural Negotiation training is aimed at business personnel either travelling abroad for negotiations or hosting clients/customers from abroad. We provide you with key information on approaches to, tactics in and etiquette surrounding negotiation.

Negotiating Across Cultures

Our Cross Cultural Negotiation course covers areas such as:

  • The etiquette of meeting, greeting, communication (verbal and non-verbal) gift giving, entertaining and business meetings.
  • Preparing for the negotiation – how to approach the negotiation, building rapport and other preparatory steps.
  • Necessary information – tips on what, when and the way in which facts, statistics and other supporting evidence should be used in negotiations.
  • Negotiation tactics – examining cross cultural differences in negotiation styles such as haggling, stalling, changing demands, seeking concessions and closing deals.

We take a case by case approach to each of our clients and therefore only deliver tailor made courses concentrating on the country/region you want.

Each half-day course is delivered by an expert with knowledge of negotiations, business and cross cultural processes.

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