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Motivating People from Different Cultures

Course Overview

Keeping people in the workplace motivated is crucial to success. When staff feel valued, recognized and supported they perform better; they are motivated, responsible, and productive. However, how, why and when people get motivated differs across cultures. For some financial gain is a motivating factor, for others recognition. Depending on the culture of the individual their reasons for feeling motivated will be relative.

The question then is how does a leader, manager or supervisor motivate an international or multicultural workforce? This course helps such people appreciate how cultures differ at a root level and how this then impacts the area of motivation. Through appreciating differences in values, they can then start to implement new and more appropriate ways of motivating people.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course participants should be able to:

  • Appreciate cultural differences between cultures
  • Describe what motivation is and how it varies across cultures
  • Explain different theories of motivation, how these are impacted by culture and how to adapt them
  • Understand the basics of fear, desire and goals
  • Set realistic goals with the people who report to them
  • Start motivating their workforce in a more culturally appropriate manner

Next Steps

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