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Islam Diversity CourseKwintessential are very proud of their ground breaking course on Islam, "Islam - Breaking Stereotypes".

At a time when conflicting messages about the faith circulate our media we give you an objective insight into the faith and its adherents.

The course has been designed for those who either come into contact with Muslims in the UK or abroad.

Why a Training Course on Islam and Muslims?

In the UK, companies with high numbers of Muslim staff may wish to understand their needs more, for example, their obligations to pray, fast and (for women) to wear a hijab. HR staff are particularly encouraged to be aware of potential issues and sensitivities. To be alert to these and have coping strategies can only be a positive step in terms of creating a sense of trust and improving retention.

You may also wish to train staff who come into contact with Muslims in the public forum.

The police force, NHS staff, carers and others may need to learn about certain etiquettes when dealing with Muslims. Knowing about the simple things such as the tenets of the faith, dealing with birth/death, touch, personal space, greetings, etc will allow your staff to build better relations and avoid offence.

For those going abroad to a Muslim populated country either for work or relocation may benefit from understanding the people they are about to deal or live with.

If you are going for business purposes do you know all the factors that could impact your success? Learn about when to go, what to do, what to say and when to say it. Demonstrate an understanding of how they do business and win respect and trust.

Business in Muslim countries is not simply business, it is personal.

For those relocating it is important you know about the life of the people you will live with. Be aware of prayer times, Holy days, public etiquette and entertaining. Avoid culture shock and allow yourself a smoother transition into a new life.

Our cultural diversity training course on Islam

As one of our cultural diversity courses, our aim is simple – we want to break stereotypes. We will give generic frameworks within which you can come to understand Muslims but we balance this with a stress on the diversity of the Muslims and interpretations of the faith. As with any nation, culture or race Muslims are far from homogenous.

Our trailblazing course covers such areas as:

* The Faith

  • Origins and history What do Muslims believe?
  • What do Muslims do?
  • Breaking stereotypes
  • Islam in the 21st century

* Taboos, Etiquettes and Manners

  • Meeting/parting
  • You must…..
  • Eating/Entertaining
  • Being a guest/Being a host
  • Body language
  • Listening and talking
  • Women
  • The mosque

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