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Assumption:  The cultural proximity between Americans and Europe negates any need for cross cultural or intercultural training.

Reality:  Behind this outward manifestation of cultural proximity lie many cross cultural differences that can and do lead to communication and interpersonal difficulties within the business environment.

Differences in language, business practices, work ethics, interpersonal communication styles, management techniques, etiquette and world view are all factors that are leading to intercultural communication breakdowns in companies on both sides of the Atlantic.

Our progressive intercultural training courses help all involved with their cross cultural communication needs by helping them achieve intercultural synergy.

Rather than allow intercultural differences to become obstacles to communication and productivity, we embrace and utilize cultural differences. Using culture as a vehicle to positive change we achieve clearer lines of communication, better interpersonal relationships and higher levels of creativity.

Working with Americans

Examples of topics we cover in cross cultural training workshops are:

» Culture & Business  

Examining how, why and where culture impacts upon businesses and people
Examining cross cultural stereotypes
Theoretical and practical cross cultural models and examples
Steps to effective cross cultural communication

» Communicating with Americans

Beliefs, culture, values, ethics, customs and national character
Speech styles
Building effective interpersonal relationships
Communication – verbal and non-verbal
Social etiquette and protocol

» Doing Business in the USA

Linguistic differences
Business in the USA – features, traditions and ethics
Comparative analysis of American and British business practices
American business etiquette and protocol
Business entertaining
Cross cultural management and leadership styles
Intercultural team building
Decision making and consensus building

» Relocating to the USA

Preparing for the move
What to bring?
American history, culture and values
British perceptions of Americans and vice-versa
The family – raising children, education, holidays
Spouse coaching
Public behaviour and etiquette
Food and drink
Transport, shopping and entertainment

» Discover more - For more information on our USA intercultural training courses and how we can assist you with your cross cultural needs, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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