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The signs point to an increasingly important relationship developing between Latin American economies and the rest of the world. Further economic and political moves spell future business opportunities.

If you want a slice of the action - you need a competitive advantage.

Our top-notch intercultural training courses are designed to get you one step ahead of the competition. How? We help you gain the confidence, knowledge and know-how to build prosperous relationships with the Latin American market.

Latin American Business Culture

It is our mission statement to assist our clients build, nurture and cement relationships with counterparts from the Latin America region through providing them with an invaluable insight into local culture. 

Our illuminating intercultural training courses on Latin America are designed by top-flight cross cultural professionals.

Intercultural training courses can be designed to support:

Business personnel wishing to establish links in Latin America 
* Businesses seeking cross cultural synergy between staff in Europe and Latin America
* Europeans relocating to Latin America for work
Managers with Latin American staff
PR and advertising companies seeking intercultural awareness advice
Web designers undertaking localization projects involving Latin American audiences

Cultural Awareness Training

All our courses are bespoke, so after analysing your needs we design the course specifically for you.

Examples of areas we can cover include:

» Latin America and Europe  

Cross cultural (mis)perceptions
Breaking cross cultural stereotypes
Business and culture
Theoretical and practical intercultural models 
Steps to effective intercultural communication

» Communicating with Latin Americans

Beliefs, culture, values, ethics, customs and national characters
Interpersonal relations
Building relationships
Communication – verbal and non-verbal
Social etiquette and protocol

» Doing Business in Latin America

Language tuition
Preparing to travel to Latin America
Business in Latin America – features, traditions and ethics
Comparative analysis of business practices
Making appointments
Using intermediaries
Business etiquette
Business entertaining
Intercultural negotiations
Cross cultural man-management

» Relocating to Latin America

Preparing for the move
What to bring?
Country specific history, culture and values
Attitudes to foreigners
The family – raising children, education, holidays
Spouse coaching
Public behaviour and etiquette
Food and drink
Transport, shopping and entertainment

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