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The need for cultural awareness training has increased rapidly in the majority of global companies over the last decade. HR functions are now having to work across cultural lines more than ever; as a result cultural awareness is crucial.

Intercultural training courses across a range of diverse issues are proving invaluable in resolving numerous issues in international business and in enhancing day to day HR practices; for example:

  • Expatriate assignments, management, training and benefits
  • Production of international relocation guides and related support materials
  • International company and office relocations
  • International recruitment
  • Corporate mergers and acquisitions
  • Training and development
  • Policy development

HR Training Courses

Examples of courses we can design and deliver for HR include:

Our Courses

We believe in delivering quality courses that are effective. As a result we shy away from off-the-shelf manuals and pre-packaged courses. Simply by following set recipes we do not believe we offer real value for money.

All our courses are bespoke. This means we have to understand who we are training and why? What are their specific set of circumstances? What are their aims and objectives? Once we know this we can then set about designing a course that is fit for purpose.

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