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Our unique Hospitality Etiquette Training courses are aimed at a range of services within the hospitality industry such as hotels, caterers, restaurants, event organisers, corporate entertainers and tourist organisations.
Hospitality Training Cultural Awareness
With the numbers of foreign guests visiting the UK steadily rising, it is becoming more important that the hospitality industry becomes more aware of the way in which cross cultural differences can impact hospitality procedures.

Cultural Awareness Training for Hospitality

The Hospitality Etiquette Training courses provide personnel within the hospitality industry, such as managers and front of house staff, with key cross cultural skills to enable them to deal effectively with foreign guests.

Etiquette is perhaps one of the most fundamental skills hospitality staff must acquire.  Meeting the cultural needs of foreign guests, dignitaries and/or V.I.P.s ensures that offense or costly cross cultural blunders do not occur and helps raise the profile of an establishment.

Our bespoke training courses are tailored to meet the requirements of each of our select clients.

Courses cover a number of areas in relation to culture and/or nationality including:

  • Meeting & Greeting
  • Use of names and titles
  • Body language
  • Touching
  • Proxemics
  • Eye contact
  • Dining/Serving etiquette
  • Foods
  • Conversation
  • Hospitality & Customer service expectations
  • Conflict resolution

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