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Language & Culture in Performance Evaluations

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Do We Speak the Same Language? Language and Culture in Performance Evaluations

Today's multicultural workforce provides new challenges for the internal processes and procedures of modern businesses and organisations. However the lack of intercultural awareness or cross cultural competency among staff is leading to poor business decisions. One area in which this occurs is in evaluations and appraisals.

Having staff that are unaware of how cultural and linguistic differences can impact communication within the business setting, let alone within evaluations, is not best practice. Do We Speak the Same Language? addresses this very issue by tackling the role cross cultural differences can play in fuelling misunderstandings in evaluations or performance appraisals.

In it we observe a manager who misconstrues an employee's comments, behaviour and actions that lie in cultural and linguistic differences. It offers an excellent tool to help hone the people skills of staff conducting such vital business functions through helping them realise and address the awareness needed to work across cultures. Topics covered include culture, communication, evaluations, management, stereotypes, avoiding bias and getting the best out of people.

The DVD also includes a leader's guide, discussions questions and exercises.

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