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International Negotiation - Training DVD

Negotiation Training DVD
A popular best seller, this 45 minute documentary is a must have for an business personnel conducting cross cultural negotiations abroad.

Through dramatisations and presentation of factual information International Negotiating explores all the fundamentals of negotiating effectively globally. 

Not only does it help viewers assess their own cultural negotiation styles but addresses issues such as negotiation strategies, preparing effectively, forming a team, building rapport, making effective presentations, overcoming obstacles, reaching agreement, conflict resolution and much more.

For business personnel looking for answers to the following common questions, International Negotiation offers the answers:

* What are the differences in negotiating styles across cultures?
* Is their any etiquette that surrounds negotiations where I am going?
* Who should and should not be on my team?
* Is it important to socialize before doing business?
* What should I do and not do during initial talks?
* Why do agreements sometimes come undone?
* Why does "yes" sometimes mean "no"?

The training video can be used as both a stand alone tool or as part of an intercultural negotiation workshop. For intercultural trainers there is a guide, video script, discussion questions and role play exercises.


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