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Cross Cultural Interview Recruitment is a crucial area of any business. However, ensuring you are hiring the best people to help develop and grow a business is more complicated in such an internationalized and multicultural environment.

Stereotypes, ignorance, assumptions and general lack of cross cultural competencies can mean that the right people may not always be given the opportunities they deserve. Equipping staff with the skills to be able to identify and manage cross cultural differences in interviews is vital.

This training production presented in the form of a dramatization is an excellent means of introducing and discussing how cross cultural differences in areas such as body language, communication, self-presentation, gender, eye contact, questioning and privacy can influence an intercultural interview. Trainees can assess their own interviewing styles and techniques and learn how to adapt them.

For intercultural trainers there is also an accompanying trainer's guide, summary, discussion question and exercises.

For a preview or to purchase Cross-Cultural Conflicts in Global Interviews and Recruitment, please contact us quoting reference MGI-EM.

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