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Intercultural Team Systems

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Globally Speaking: Intercultural Team Systems
Intercultural Team Systems

Good business performance relies of good team and personnel performance. As today's workforce takes on an increasingly multicultural form it is critical to ensure that employees are given the best possible chance of forming a winning team.

Intercultural Team Systems is an enlightening, thought provoking and straightforward training program ideal for a cross cultural team building activity.

Through a documentary and dramatization your employees will come to understand the role diversity plays in team building. The program follows a team of Americans and Asians and through scenario based re-enactments compares Asian and American business practices.

The comprehensive tool covers a range of cross cultural subject matters including
o How Culture Works
o Differences in Management
o Relationships
o Teams

As part of a well delivered training session this invaluable training program will help employees develop a shared system for goals, responsibilities and procedures that will ultimately benefit any businesses bottom line.

The DVD also includes a leader's guide, script and discussion questions. If you wish to purchase or preview this title please contact us quoting the DVD title and code GS5-MR.

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