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Cross-Cultural Communication and Customer Service



A new customer service scenario, designed for today’s high-efficiency, money-saving training needs.

In Part 1, customer service representative Valerie receives a call from Lois, a customer from another culture. Valerie doesn't adapt to Lois' needs causing frustration. The call isn't handled with sensitivity or awareness leading to the loss of a client.

In Part 2, Valerie approaches the same situation differently, adapting to the customer’s unique needs.

Learning Points

  • Avoid slang - use proper language
  • Be patient with accents, unfamiliar terms
  • Speak slowly, clearly
  • Respect and appreciate the customer’s effort to learn your language
  • Reframe and seek alternates to barriers


  • Easy-to-use – includes facilitators manual designed by service experts
  • Highly engaging – quick-paced, lifelike scenario gains and retains attention
  • Save money – all the quality at 60% off the typical price
  • Save time – quick program for efficient learning and behavioural change
  • Versatile – use for meetings openers, training sessions, and more

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