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Cultural Awareness DVD

This best selling title has been produced to help introduce one of the fundamental pillars of intercultural competence and cultural sensitivity.

Its aim is to build in participants an understanding that when doing business with a different culture it is important to be aware, flexible and to withhold pre-conceived judgements.

Although applicable to any culture in the world, the title takes us on a voyage to the Middle East to witness the interaction between and US manager and his Arab Muslim counterpart. A lack of basic cross cultural competency sees the manager cause offense and damage relationships through poor communication and interaction skills.


The dramatization helps participants take a "fly on the wall" view and examine where they believe things have gone wrong, how they could be amended and action steps to build a solid and positive business relationship.

Equipped with a training manual, exercises, discussion questions and the script this production is a perfect means of exploring the area of intercultural communication and the importance of building cultural competency. With a staff base conscious of the need to use culture positively, businesses will see benefits in terms of morale and performance.

Download the info sheet for this title here: pdfCulturalAwarenessDVDInfoSheet.pdf

If you would like to order a copy of Cultural Awareness, have any queries or would like a preview please contact us with the title and reference CAX-BW.

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