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Cross Cultural Diversity CourseThe issue of diversity and multi-culturalism is now a matter of importance for UK businesses following The Employment Equality (Religion & Belief) Regulations of 2003. It is now imperative that employers take into consideration the impact multi-cultural diversity can have on both the harmony of the workplace and possible legal implications of improper discrimination.

Cultural Diversity Training at Work

Our Cultural Diversity Training course is designed to help companies and organisations with their multi-cultural diversity issues in the workplace.

Courses are primarily aimed at management, HR staff and/or staff themselves. Courses are tailored to provide either an overview of multi-cultural issues in the workplace and/or to provide insight into a particular religion, race or nationality.

As well as giving guidance on the particulars of certain religious or ethnic groups, the courses seek to provide practical steps to help overcome diversity issues within the workplace. 

Our Cultural Diversity Training courses generally focus on areas such as:

» Race
» Nationality
» Religion
» Values
» Ethics
» Communication
» Cross cultural (mis)perceptions
» Negating stereotypes
» Building inter-personal relationships
» Needs in the workplace
» Conflict prevention and resolution

An example of the advice regarding cross cultural diversity and multi-culturalism given through Kwintessential training can be seen in our articles, Religion, Belief and HR and Islam in the Workplace.

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