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Customer Service Training CoursesAlthough at Kwintessential we do not use off-the-shelf training courses, we do however offer a number of courses that can be grouped together. The courses set out below are all focused on the theme of customer service but with a multicultural twist, i.e. how do you give good customer service across cultural lines?

Essentially what all these courses offer participants is a greater appreciation of how cultural diversity and intercultural differences can impact their sectors plus the level of customer service they offer customers. We've pledged to only work on a bespoke basis, meaning we take the time to understand who we are training and why. As a result the courses we design and deliver are second to none.

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Customer Service Training

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Call Centre and Help Desk Training

Aimed at Call Centre and Help Desk staff working across international and intercultural lines, this course looks at a whole host of areas from communication to conflict resolution. Once we understand your business and the cultures it deals with, we form a practical course that takes participants through a journey of self-awareness, cultural awareness and finally customer-service awareness. 
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CRM Training

What's the best way to manage the client relationship if they are from China, the UAE or India? This course introduces the different facets of CRM to participants and shows them how to identify who their customers really are, analyse the key components of CRM and understand how it integrates within an organisation. It addresses the subject from a global angle and how to adapt CRM strategies and processes according to the country or culture of the client.
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Customer Service Training

Is good customer service in the USA similar in China? If you or your company have to deliver top-class customer service to multicultural clients, whether face-to-face or over the phone, you need to understand how to adapt depending who you are talking to. This course is geared towards those than want to learn what exceptional service is, how to project a customer- friendly image, how to handle demanding customers and most importantly to appreciate cultural differences in customer service expectations. Read on or contact us to book your training.

Healthcare Training

Working with people from different cultures is a challenge at the best of times; it is even more of a challenge in the medical setting. The ramifications of any sort of misunderstanding within the medical environment can be serious. We have worked with major public and private healthcare organisations to support their staff in working cross-culturally; helping them bond as teams, lay down procedures and guide them through the hurdles they face working in a multicultural environment. Do you need similar help? If so, simply call us.

Hospitality Training

The hospitality industry deals with international clientele on a daily basis. This course is designed for hotels, caterers and the general hospitality sector wanting to provide support to their staff in working in a multicultural environment. The end goal being enhanced customer satisfaction. We look at a range of issues from food to personal space to customer service expectations to dealing with conflict.  If you are in hospitality and want your team more ‘culture-conscious’, then this is the course for you. Call us to talk it through.

Retail Training

We have worked with some of the world’s largest retailers across the spectrum in helping them understand how to use cultural know-how positively.  Aimed specifically at retail personnel, this course explores how to adapt sales approaches and the customer service experience with international customers. So whether you need to sell more effectively to the Chinese or want to understand how to give Arab clients an unbeatable customer experience, you need to be speaking with us.

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