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Communication Course UKOur set of courses examining communication and sales are aimed at business personnel working internationally and cross-culturally (domestically).

Having to navigate time-zones, intercultural challenges and marked differences in working styles, all mean today's successful business person must be culturally-adept.

All the courses we offer within this section concentrate on communication and/or selling. Whether it is a simple introductory course for someone to appreciate basic cultural differences or a specific course for a sales manager, we have the tools and know-how to help.

After assessing your needs, we work with a dedicated consultant to draft a course attentive to your needs and goals. Collaborating with you we work towards polishing the content, delivery and logistics to guarantee a tip-top course.

Read on for more specific information about the types of courses we run, or if you know what you need, simply contact us to get the process started.

Intercultural Sales & Communication Courses

Please refer to the list of courses below we currently deliver:

Communication Skills across Cultures

Effective communication skills are a must in any position, in any business. During this engaging course, participants will learn the secrets of cross-cultural communication including building personal credibility, delivering positive and negative feedback, improving listening skills, dealing with difficult people, handling negative situations, overcoming objections and more. Read on or call us to talk through your needs.

Communication Skills for Managers and Supervisors

What’s fundamental to any successful manager or supervisor?  Communication. This course helps attendees understand how best to deal with people from different cultures in different situations; it is not country specific but rather skill centric. Applying knowledge of cultural differences to communication, management styles and how to manage challenging team members allows a solid foundation for renewed understanding of any management role. Give us a call to talk through what you need.

Intercultural Communication and Difficult People

We all deal with difficult people in any business role – client or colleague. The energy put into managing difficult situations can result in a lack of productivity and poor performance. Our courses help appreciate that cultural biases/norms can impact how they perceive ‘difficult’ people.  Alongside this they offer practical skills on how to manage cultural differences at work as well as dealing with genuinely difficult people. The course is tailored to individual needs ensuring real-life case studies are addressed. Contact us for more information.

Negotiation Skills

Our world-class intercultural negotiation training provides instructive and insightful coaching on how to negotiate effectively with different cultures, home or abroad. We provide you with key information on approaches to, tactics in and etiquette surrounding negotiations. Our courses can be country-specific, skill-centric or a mix of both. So whether you need help in closing a deal in China or building relationships in the Middle East, this course is for you. Boost conversion rates and give us a call to see how we can help.

Presentation Skills Across Cultures

The course provides analysis of personal presentation styles, techniques and preferences within the context of helping to draw attention to the intercultural differences found internationally in the ways people receive, deliver, understand and use presentations. Our cross cultural course assists directors, managers, salespeople, consultants and business personnel in adapting their style, messages and format to deliver first-class presentations no matter the country or culture. For more information click through or simply call us to talk through what you need.

Sales Training

”If you can sell, you can sell anywhere”. Correct? Sales styles, techniques, habits and cycles are all culturally dependent. How you sell in London will differ to how you sell in Riyadh, Beijing or Buenos Aires. Our course is aimed at sales people wishing to understand cultural differences when working abroad or selling to a different culture. We study, analyse, modify and test approaches to the sales process using examples from different cultures. Interested? Contact us.

Sales Objections Training

Sales professionals know all about how to handle sales objections as part of their careers. However, what happens when the sales objection consists of a walk-out in a meeting in Russia or silence in Japan? How is this handled? This course answers that exact question. Attendees gain insight into cultural differences that make up the dreaded ‘sales brick-wall’ and how to knock it down. Ready to clinch the sale? Contact us and we will talk you through the rest.

Tele-Sales Training

This course looks specifically at the ins and outs of tele-sales across cultural and national borders. Whether a call-centre or a sales outfit, many now have to work internationally. Whether it is customer service or sales, the person at the end of the phone needs to be aware of how their own cultural biases, working styles and expectations may differ from those they are speaking with. Read on or contact us to learn more.

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