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Cross Cultural Awareness – Intercultural Communication Training

Cross Cultural Training"...the single greatest barrier to business success is the one erected by culture."
Edward T. Hall and Mildred Reed Hall

Working, meeting, dealing, entertaining, negotiating and corresponding with colleagues or clients from different cultures can be a minefield.

Understanding and appreciating intercultural differences ultimately promotes clearer communication, breaks down barriers, builds trust, strengthens relationships, opens horizons and yields tangible results in terms of business success.

Cultural Awareness Training

"With more knowledge on Korea & insights, I'll feel more confident working with Koreans. The trainer was a great advisor with years of experience." IUCN

"A terrific session. Thank you! It was just what I wanted." Norton Rose

"The trainer was extremely engaging and constantly energised the team."  All Saints

  • We offer a range of flexible, vibrant and effective cultural awareness workshops.
  • We don't do off-the-shelf courses.
  • We design and deliver specifically for each individual client; that's why we get such great feedback on our cultural training courses.

After coming to us with your request our team of cross-cultural experts will analyse and identify your core needs. What's more, they will also suggest correlating areas that may be beneficial to your training. A draft course outline will then be proposed, alterations made if need be and once you are happy, we proceed.

We offer a comprehensive service, covering a vast range of countries, cultures, skills and sectors.

To discuss your needs, please contact us and we will talk you through options in terms of content, location, delivery and associated costs.

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Cultural Awareness Courses

Cultural Awareness Coach in Course

We provide a suite of cultural awareness courses designed around different needs and situations. Although all the training we provide is individually tailored, we group certain types of workshops together. Popular courses include Business and Culture, Expatriate Relocation, Management, Team Building, Customer Services and Country-specific. For a more thorough overview of all the cultural awareness solutions we offer, please click to visit the page.

Expat Relocation Courses

Expats moving abroad

Do you relocate people abroad for work? Years of research has shown that most expatriates end up returning home or under-performing in their roles due to not appreciating local conditions – both in terms of work and socially. Our expatriate cultural awareness courses help secondees and their families gear themselves up for a big move; with the right information on their new country plus practical know-how on dealing with culture shock, people are able to cope with the stresses and strains of working in a new culture more positively.

Management Training

Manager of a culturally diverse team

Managers today not only have to deal with multicultural teams but sometimes also managing such teams remotely. Our intercultural management training courses are designed to help managers understand the impact of cultural differences on their role. Our training works with managers to identify their own management styles, the expectations of others, cultural differences, remote working and sets out practical guidelines on getting the best out of their teams.

Cultural Awareness DVDs

Man watching cultural awareness DVD

Our DVDs are great for organisations that want to use video as part of any cultural awareness coaching or need a DVD for stand-alone information. DVDs cover a host of topics from specific work skills to general knowledge on cross-cultural communication to country specific titles. All DVDs are in English and come with either trainer notes and/or exercise where appropriate.