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A Course on Mentoring across Cultures

Course Overview

One of the key qualities of any successful leader is the ability to coach his/her people effectively. In this course, leaders, coaches, managers and motivators will appreciate how a) coaching tools and techniques are culturally sensitive and b) how to use various techniques and approaches according to the culture one is dealing with.

This course is ideal for anyone involved in coaching others within the work environment. Our trainer will help establish participants’ existing resources and how these need to be adapted through a mix of consulting, training and one to one coaching.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course participants should be able to:

  • Understand the impact of culture on coaching
  • Learn models and approaches of coaching for different cultures
  • Use tools and techniques for more effective coaching
  • Plan and prepare effectively for coaching
  • Develop an action plan for growth and development

All our courses are delivered by consultants who have walked the walk and talked the talk in terms of coaching and mentoring others. With vast international and cross-cultural experience they offer unmatched insight and guidance.

Next Steps

Our courses are all tailor made meaning we do not have set dates, times, locations, etc. We need to understand who we are training and why. From there we can offer some ideas on how the course may look.

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