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Our clients range from private individuals to charities to multinational companies. All come to us with specific needs and requirements. After an initial needs analysis when then send our clients a full proposal outlining the course we aim to deliver, the objectives, methods, exercises, profile of the trainer and costs. Each and every client receives a bespoke top-of-the line cultural awareness course just for them!

Clients to date include:

> Alexander Forbes - Japan specific cultural awareness training for a senior manager.
> Alliance Medical - cultural awareness training for personnel dealing with multicultural patients.
> Bailey Teswaine - China cultural awareness course combined with a look at teams working cross-culturally.
> Baker Oil Tools - training for managers in Dubai on working more effectively in theMiddle East.
> Balfour Beatty - expat relocation session for Polish employees coming to the UK.
> BHP Billiton - expat relocation training for a Nigerian couple moving to the UK.
> Birkbeck University - cultural diversity training course for all staff.
> Celanese - cross cultural team building for a UK-Chinese team.
> Certis Europe - Europe wide cultural awareness training to form a "Certis Culture" across all their offices.
> Christies - Russia cultural awareness training for senior directors.
> CILT - design of the UK's first handbook for managers overseeing foreign staff in the hospitality industry.
> Chartered Institute of Marketing - China business etiquette course.
> Citigroup - intercultural management training for UK based employees.
> Design Association - design of an internal module on working internationally.
> EADS - delivery of an India, China and general cultural awareness sessions to senior managers.
> Earl’s Court - one day course for the sales department on working remotely and across cultural divides.
> Ericsson - one day course on doing business with the Japanese.
> Kellogg, Brown & Root - UK-Egypt team building.
> Musgaves - helping UK wide sales managers develop better relationships with customers.
> Nolato - expat relocation training for Managing Director moving to China.
> RLN E. Midlands - creation of industry leading cultural awareness podcasts.
> Rohm Haas - Living and Working in the UK course.
> Sandfords - Japan specific cultural awareness training in the USA.
> Siemens - training managers on working effectively with the Germans.
> Societe General - Two day virtual team building training for staff from the USA, UK, France, India and Japan.
> The Institution of Engineering and Technology - China cultural training for staff.
> Twinings - Middle East cultural awareness training for the Sales Director.
> Westinghouse - India cultural awareness training for staff working in both the UK and India.

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