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The call centre is here to stay. More and more companies need call centres as part of their operations; however, with costs being a priority for many businesses, setting up call centres abroad has become the norm.

A call centre abroad means one thing - working with colleagues and/or clients across cultural and linguistic lines.

Where call centre operatives and those they speak to remotely do not share a similar culture, there is plenty of room for miscommunication. It is this miscommunication that leads to users perceiving call centres as confusing, unhelpful and a waste of time.

Callers clear communication and good customer service. However, if you don't understand what their expectations are, how can you accomodate them? Our Call Centre and Help Desk training course is designed to specifically help such operations understand how to work across cultural lines.

No matter whether the caller is from England or Kuwait and the operative is from India or the Philippines, calls are handled in the most culturally appropriate way.

Besides understanding cultural differences, participants also learn methods for effective listening, questioning and resolving problems. They also discover out how to write clear, accurate email responses and follow-up reports that will answer caller’s request and satisfy their manager’s expectations.

Course Delivery

At Kwintessential we don’t use off-the-shelf manuals and courses. We strongly believe this approach is not effective nor does it offer value for money.

We design and deliver courses for each of our clients after careful consideration; we take into account who we are training, their roles, their needs and their interests. From there we build an effective and engaging course and our trainer will come out to your location to deliver it.

This ensures you receive the training you need.

Accept no compromises!

The first step is to contact us and let us know what you are looking for. We will then walk you through the rest....

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