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Our Business Etiquette Training courses are aimed at people who work across cultures. These may be business personnel dealing with international clients at home or globe trotters travelling to foreign countries for business visits.

We help our clients get business results through giving them an understanding of the ins and outs of the target cultures they travel to or work with at home.

Etiquette Courses

Our trail-blazing etiquette courses provide participants with:

  • A basic understanding of the culture, values and norms of the country they are dealing with.
  • A knowledge of the etiquette/protocol associated with areas such as meeting and greeting, dining, gift giving, exchanging business cards, arranging meetings and conducting negotiations.
  • Tips on how to increase their chances of success when doing business in/with that culture.

The results of our bespoke training courses are that a participant will:

  • Have the confidence to get the needed results.
  • Enhance their image and reputation through presenting themselves appropriately.
  • Build stronger and longer lasting business relationships.

Business Etiquette Courses

At present we offer the following etiquette focused courses below. If none of these courses matches your requirement, then don't worry, we can still help. Just let us know what you are looking for and we will build a course for you!

  • Introduction to Cross-Cultural Etiquette - a simple beginner's guide to working across cultures and the appropriate etiquette required.
  • Email Etiquette - appreciate how emails should be written when sending/receiving internationally.
  • Corporate Hospitality - organise events where international business guests attend? This is a course for you.
  • Retail Etiquette - aimed at retail staff dealing with a multicultural and/or international client base.
  • Hospitality Training - a course for the hospitality industry (hotels, restaurants, etc) who deal with international clients.

What Next?

Our business etiquette training courses conveniently take place over the course of a day or half day with our cross cultural experts visiting you at your office.

Get results or get better results - the choice is yours. To discuss how we can assist you, please Contact Us.

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