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Culture in Business Training CourseIn a rapidly expanding global marketplace, it is crucial to understand the economic benefits cultural awareness can bring.

Our engaging 'Business and Culture' course is aimed at progressive business professionals and HR staff who seek to better understand how culture impacts upon their roles and their business.

The course provides an introduction to and understanding of the cross cultural field, empowering participants to go back to their businesses with fresh perspectives. We guide participants through the academic models of cross cultural understanding and apply them to real life situations - demonstrating how culture influences business relationships, practices and policies and providing strategies to using it positively.

Business and Culture Training Course

'Business and Culture' looks at some of the following areas:

  • Cross Cultural Communication – history, meaning and relevance.
  • The impact of cultural values on business norms, practices and behaviours.
  • Examples of the positive and negative manifestations of cross cultural differences.

Our course aims to:

  • Introduce business personnel to the theoretical and practical dimensions of cross cultural communication.
  • Elicit and examine the cross cultural experiences of participants.
  • Work through exercises that help highlight and identify where and when culture impacts business.
  • Leave the participants feeling confident in their ability to recognise and handle cross cultural issues in the workplace.

Our courses are delivered by cross cultural communications specialists with extensive knowledge and experience of the cross cultural field.

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