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Today more than ever it is vital that business people gain cross cultural skills and cross cultural awareness in order to successfully operate within the global marketplace. There is an increasing requirement to communicate with others globally and negotiate across cultural borders and it is therefore more important than ever to understand differences in cultures, and to embrace the power of diversity.

Here at Kwintessential we fully understand the need for global skills and training on cultural differences for staff and management to allow business to trade across borders and to ensure harmony in the modern multicultural environment that we live in. Whether your business is trading with other companies and/or people abroad, or your business is a multinational organisation with staff from various parts of the world, cross cultural training can greatly benefit your business and everybody who works in it.

What We Offer

Some of the main training areas that we offer include:

Cross Cultural Training

Cross cultural training is very useful for many areas of business and the whole purpose of this type of training is to make staff aware of cultural differences, why cultural diversity is important for success and how to constructively tackle challenges that may arise involving cultural difference in the workplace. Skills can be obtained from this training including negotiation, understanding of diversity, management, team building and there is also an option for culture specific training aimed at specific countries and cultures.

Cultural Awareness Training

It can be quite difficult to operate in business when dealing with people from various cultures, as different cultures hold different core values, beliefs and work in different ways. With cross cultural awareness training, your staff and colleagues are able to learn how to effectively negotiate, communicate and deal with clients, business associates and colleagues from across various cultures. By teaching staff how to not only understand but also to appreciate cultural differences and the value diversity brings, barriers can be broken down and businesses can be more successful. Cultural awareness is also a useful tool if you plan to move abroad or are seeking work in other countries.

Cross Cultural Management Training

Managers have a lot of pressure in today’s world, especially now that there is a growing need for dealing with issues arising from cross cultural differences. In any modern business, managers and supervisors need a strong understanding of the challenges that they and staff may face in relation to cross cultural workplaces and need to learn how to effectively manage their team. This cross cultural management training course is designed to ensure that managers are competent in dealing with cultural difference ad have the skills to ensure cultural awareness and understanding within their team.

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