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BSL Recruitment

Background: Kwintessential Ltd is currently looking to recruit British Sign Language Interpreters to their British Sign Language Interpreter database.

Qualifications: All British Sign Language Interpreters should be fully qualified with NVQ 4 British Sign Language – and hence eligible after fulfilment of relevant requirements to become MASLI and / or MRSLI.

Location: Interpreters from all locations are most welcome.

To Apply: Please complete the application form and forward it to

Closing Date: Open at present.

For More Information: For more information on the background to Kwintessential’s British Sign Language Service please see the information below. Interpreters are also most welcome to contact Nicola Carter-Johnson on 0207 193 5458.

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More Information:

Why have Kwintessential established a British Sign Language service?

We are a large consultancy with an international client base which includes private individuals through to Blue Chip Companies. We are a cultural services provider; focusing primarily on cultural and diversity training, translation and interpreting (all world languages) and language teaching.

Our reason for venturing into British Sign Language interpreting was driven by regular requests for this service by our clients over a number of years.

What interaction have we had with the Deaf community to date?

Nikki Carter-Johnson was nominated the role of service coordinator due to her extensive involvement and experience with the deaf community. Whilst growing up, it was necessary for her to use British Sign Language to communicate with a close friend who was Deaf, whereby she gained a degree of fluency in British Sign Language which evolved through regular interaction with the Deaf community. During her teenage years, she assisted with the running of a deaf drama group on a voluntary basis.

Attendance on ‘Deaf and Deaf Blind Awareness’ Courses has been made compulsory for any of the Kwintessential staff working in relation to this service.

What operating principles have been put in place?

The success and growth of Kwintessential are due primarily to the focus on quality and delivery. Most of our clients fall into the category of regular and repeat business and we have had positive long term relations with the majority of our interpreters and translators. Kwintessential has an ‘excellent’ ranking from freelance translators on one of the primary professional translation sites.

We are endeavouring to ensure that the same excellent standards and professional practices are applied in the management and delivery of our British Sign Language Interpreting service.

Here are some of the operating principles already in place:

  • Under no circumstances will Kwintessential use unqualified or unregistered British Sign Language Interpreters.
  • All British Sign Language Interpreters working on behalf of Kwintessential will have an up to date CRB in place
  • Kwintessential staff working in relation to the British Sign Language service will be trained accordingly
  • The complaints procedure for this service will be published on line in both written English and in British Sign Language formats
  • As per current practice, feedback will be sought from both service users and the interpreters

Going forward.

We are absolutely committed to delivering a service with integrity and value. As such, we are most welcome of any feedback which you feel may help us to further enhance our service. Your questions, comments and challenges are vital if we are to participate effectively and positively in this arena.

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